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ICC launches #MoreJustWorld digital campaign


in lead up to Day of International Criminal Justice

This week, as part of the International Criminal Court’s activities to mark 17 July, Day of International Criminal Justice, the Court is launching a digital campaign on the theme of building a #MoreJustWorld.

The campaign aims to encourage people to reflect, act, learn and connect for the cause of peace and justice.

The campaign invites you to:

§  Get inspired by the Court’s human interest stories from the ICC’s Outreach blog, “Life After Conflict” and “Justice at Work” series. 

§  Learn about the innovations in the Rome Statute and the work of the Court. Watch “The ICC Process” video, then test your knowledge with this quiz

§  Imagine yourself working for justice. What role could you take on? Take this personality quiz to find out. 

§  Talk to kids. Start a conversation about peace and justice. Have kids take this quiz and start imagining how they could work for justice. 

§  Share animations about the crimes under the Court’s jurisdiction, stories and exhibits.

§  Explore how the Court’s work supports UN Sustainable Development Goal 16.

§  And more, including specific calls to action for diplomats, legal professionals, experts, academics, students, teachers, and people like you, as you work within your family, community or career to help build a more peaceful, more just world.

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