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Forest fires

By Michelle Rahimi

Italy update

Italian surgeon and Emergency NGO founder dies aged 73 | NewsTrack English 1 (newstracklive.com)

An Italian surgeon, Dr. Gino Strada, who was also a human rights activist and founder of Emergency, an NGO providing life-saving medical care in war torn regions, has died at the age of 73.

Dr. Strada had set up hospitals in states such as Rwanda and Yemen and had treated more than 11 million people in up to 19 countries.

Dr, Strada earned his medical and surgical degree at Milan State University, specializing in emergency surgery. He has experience in the United States by working up to 4 years on heart and lung transplants at Stanford and Pittsburgh University Medical Center.

In 1994, he established Emergency together with his wife, Teresa Sarti, and friends and colleagues. The organization’s mission was to provide free, quality healthcare to people injured in conflict.

Unceasing flames leave no time to rest for firefighters in Italy (bna.bh)

There have been several forest and bush fires that have left Italian firefighters with no time to rest as they tackle flames from the air and the ground amid a weekend heat wave.

Fire crews have reported 400 operations in the past 12 hours on Saturday morning.

Extreme heat and persistent drought have encouraged flames to persist in large parts of the south since the end of July.

Authorities do suspect arson behind many of the fires.

On Saturday, the Carabinieri in Sicily reported the arrest of two cattle farmers, a father, and his son, who are accused of setting fire to thorny bushes in order to expand their grazing land. After an intensive investigation, a warrant for their arrest was issued.

France update

Protesters in France denounce COVID health pass rules for fifth weekend | Toronto Sun

Protesters have marched in cities across France for a fifth consecutive weekend against rules compelling them to show a COVID-19 health pass for daily activities, but in lesser numbers than a week ago.

Since last Monday, citizens have been required to show the pass in public places, proving that they have been vaccinated or have recently been tested negative for the coronavirus.

Vaccination rates jumped after Macron unveiled his health pass plans last month. Almost 70% of all French people have now received one dose and 57.5% are fully vaccinated.

About the author:

Michelle Rahimi is a Diplomacy and International Relation’s Master’s candidate at the School for International Training, located in Brattleboro, Vermont, United States of America.

She obtains an extensive passion for international relations with first-hand knowledge from traveling across many countries and is experienced in working with different teams and individuals from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

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