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São Tomé e Príncipe invested President Vila Nova


Saturday, 2 October 2021,  São Tomé,  São Tomé e Príncipe: Carlos Vila Nova was invested as the country’s fifth president since independence from Portugal in 1975. He won the latest presidential elections standing for the Independent Democratic Action party. 

From 2014 through 2018 he served in the capacity as Minister of Infrastructure, Natural Resources and the Environment, having previously to that served as Minister of Public Works and Natural Resources from 2010 to 2012. 

The Santomean president is the islands’ head of state, albeit the government is lead by a prime minister (currently Jorge Bom Jesus). The president is elected for a five years mandate, renewable for one more consecutive term. He resides at the Presidential Palace. 

For further information: 
Presidency of São Tomé e Príncipe: https://presidencia.st

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