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I Colori per la Pace, a commitment to peace

Myriam Kruisheer Ortega, I colori per la Pace

In 2015 Antonio Gianelli, President of the association, founded the initiative I Colori per la Pace in Sant’Anna di Stazzema, Tuscany, Italy, with the sole purpose to develop a harmonious preparatory project for Peace for children all over the world. In 2021 the association counted more than 138 countries and participating territories, 18 representations and 3 subsidiaries.

“In four years, we have had thousands of children interact with us, and in many cases with each other, through their drawings. Drawing, for our target audience of 3-11 years old, is the best way to express. To date children of 135 nations representing 5 continents have joined the Primary and Pre-primary school’s initiative.” Explained Myriam Kruisheer Ortega, the organization’s envoy for the Netherlands and Suriname.

The collected drawings were exhibited on August 12 during the commemoration of the massacre on 12 August 1944 in the Peace National Park of Sant’Anna di Stazzema. A selection of works was then sent to exhibitions in Italy, Russia, Japan, Romania, Moldova, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, Nepal, Israel, France, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mexico Albania, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Italy, among many other countries.

I colori per la Pace

“We attended the G7 in Lucca with the installation in the of the “Wall of Peace” made of children’s drawings. On that occasion, the participants of the summit met in the Ademollo room where the drawings were exhibited. Our presence at the G7 allowed us to be invited to the EEAS-SEAE by the High Representative of the European Union, Mrs. Federica Mogherini, on the occasion of Europe Day.

In Italy we presented our project at the Expo in Milan at the Museum of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions, in the headquarters of the Tuscan Regional Council, in the Colosseum in Rome, in the Salone dei Cinquecento of Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, in Bitonto in Puglia, in Longobucco in Calabria, in Forte dei Marmi and in numerous locations in the Province of Lucca. In 2017 we received the patronage of the Tuscan Regional Council and the Tuscan Student Parliament. In 2019 we received the High Patronage of the European Parliament.”

A multidisciplinary artist, Myriam Kruisheer Ortega’s natural enthusiasm reflex her vast experience, she has lived in many countries like Mexico, the Netherlands, UAE, India, Gabon, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Greece, to name a few. Traveling extensively to China, South-Africa, Lebanon, most of Europe, Tajikistan and other countries. She joined Colors for Peace Association in May 2018 in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah where she was living that time.

“Previously I was involved in setting up the representation of Mexico, Nepal, at present The Netherlands and The Republic of Suriname.

I worked with the Dutch and international communities at Emirati schools in the United Arab Emirates . I also had the honor to represent Nepal and Mexico at the international exhibition for Colors for Peace in Tirana Albania and at the Coliseum of Rome during the International Peace Day.” Said Myriam proudly.

A hymn written by Myriam Kruisheer for I Color for Peace has been launched as the official song of the association, the music for the anthem is created  by the well known Russian composer, Valida Akopian and  interpreted by the International  tenor Rafael Jorge Negrete from the Mexican Negrete Dynasty.  

I Colori per la Pace Association, is a nonprofit organization that promotes children’s art internationally to reduce social and economic distances between rich and poor countries. Colors for Peace commits to transform the “children of today” in “the adult of tomorrow”, to become a conscientious bearer of peace, rejecting any logic of war or division of people.

In pursuing its goals Colors for Peace is faithful to the following values.

  • Equality
  • Respect for the neighbour
  • Solidarity
  • Justice

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