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Leonardo’s Faces – Tessa Jacobs

Tessa - Leonardo Royal Hotel The Hague

The Leonardo Royal Hotel Den Haag Promenade is represented by a variety of employees. Both new and more experienced colleagues work together as one team, to deliver great service and to depict the hotel’s values. In these monthly written pieces, there is a focus on the value: sincere. Who are the employees as an individual? Allow us to introduce you to Tessa.

  • Nationality: Dutch
  • Function: Front Office Agent
  • Department: Front Office

When did you start working at the Promenade Hotel?

Oddly, only in May 2021, but I already have many precious memories at the Leonardo Royal Hotel Den Haag Promenade. Also, I feel strongly connected with many of my colleagues and therefore barely realize I have only been working at the Promenade Hotel for less than a year.

What was your first impression of the Promenade Hotel?

We are encouraged to be ourselves.

The day of my interview, I got to introduced to employees (now colleagues), who made me feel like I was at home immediately. I particularly remember Houssain, Bas and Else who had such a positive vibe around them, that I could just feel all the nerves for the interview fade away. I believe this is one of the strengths of our team: being sincere.

As all of us are sincerely interested in other people and share the passion of ensuring our guests feel at ease and are comfortable.

What makes the Promenade Hotel suitable for welcoming people from all around the world?

At the Promenade Hotel our team consists of open-minded, genuine, honest, and international- oriented people. Many of us have been raised in another country or have been travelling for studies or personal development. Therefore, as a team, we are excited to welcome people from all around the world and are convinced all people are one, no matter where you are from.

Many of us have been raised in another country or have been travelling for studies or personal development.

What do you value most in the organization of diplomatic events at the Promenade Hotel?

What I value the most is how all departments work together. This is taken to the next level during the planning and execution of diplomatic events. We are able to do this through using various communication methods, but especially see the importance of talking to each other. This way, everybody can be and is aware of the events that will happen the upcoming week and are able to make sure that all our guests, including the diplomats, have a pleasant experience at our hotel.

What did you learn so far by working with diplomats? Some tips, rules or values to share?

I have not been working in the hotel industry for a long time, however, my mindset is that everybody is unique. I truly believe that working with stereotypes or assumptions about people’s origin in mind does not provide the same experience as when focusing on the unique characteristics/features of a person. Hence, one could say ‘interest’ and ‘empathy’ are worthful values to keep in mind.

Which Food Festival has been your favorite so far or would you like to experience?

During the last Food Festival, I was travelling, so I could not experience it myself this time. When I heard from my colleagues how amazing it was, I regretted I was not able to do this culinary ‘trip’ to Peru with them.  Therefore, I would really like to experience the next one, the sooner the better. If I really have to be more specific: visiting new towns, cities, countries, is one of my passions and I have not yet been to Central and South-America. Accordingly, a Food Festival from one of these beautiful countries would be a pleasant first experience.

What local food(s), from abroad, have you tried already?

Despite eating healthy when I am spending my time at home in the Netherlands, I like to go all the way when travelling: from enjoying chimney cake & langos in Budapest, Spinakoptika in Athens,  Pinchos in Madrid, Gnocchi di Zucca near San Marino to trying many traditional dishes (before I decided to eat vegetarian) like moussaka, tikka masala, Mexican burritos, töltött kaposzta and conejo en salmorejo.

What is your favorite drink or dish at LEO’s International Flavors?

Monkey 47 Gin Tonic. LEO’s has so many different tonics to choose from, making the Monkey 47 even more special.

What sustainable development goal do you value most? Why this one?

The goal I value most is ‘reduced inequalities’.

Currently inequality can be seen in so many issues that are encountered all over the world: poverty, gender differences, climate change, quality of education, oppression, human rights crises, and the lack of peace in various places on this planet. By reducing inequalities, I genuinely hope it is possible to overcome the problems that are currently threatening people all around the world. I hope to see the day that everyone can at least suffice in their mental and physical needs, but there is still a long way to go.

What piece of good advice did you receive, and from whom, that you would like to forward?

My parents have raised me from a view of religion, and I will always remember the golden rule they have taught me and by which I am trying to live my life: “wie goed doet, goed ontmoet (in English: all good things come to those who make them happen). Also, as I have conquered quite some battles in my personal life, I would like to remember all who are struggling mentally or physically (or both) to a quote of Archbishop Desmond Tutu (2016):  “We are meant to live in joy. This does not mean that life will be easy or painless. It means that we can turn our faces to the wind and accept that this is the storm that we must pass through,” (p. 220). And I can only add that what came after the storm was worth continuing for.

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