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Career in Caribbean Science Workshop   

Left 3rd row Mr Carlson Manuel, Minister Plenipotentiary of Curacao in the Netherlands with organizers and participants of the workshop.

By Roy Lie Atjam

The Hague, on 23 April 2022, Mr Carlson Manuel, Minister Plenipotentiary of Curacao in the Netherlands flungopen the doors of his Cabinet to host the first-ever Career In Caribbean Science Workshop. 

After welcoming his guests, the Minister focused on developing a career in science. Minister Manuel lauded the speakers for their willingness to share their experiences with their compatriots and interested ones. Manuel wished the gathering a successful afternoon.

The Career In Caribbean Science Workshop, organized in collaboration with Stichting We Connect and CARAF Science, attracted many students and professionals from Curacao, Aruba and the wider Caribbean. A growing number of these(PhD.) students and professionals are looking for mutual contact and sharing of experiences. MC for the event was the well-known Tanja Fraai manager of We Connect.

Featuring on the program were the following speakers.

 Cherelle Maduro, Universiteit Maastricht. PhD candidate in trauma surgery Cherelle Maduro recounts the many corners she had to take to arrive at her current PhD research. Cherelle holds a BA and two master’s degrees. She pointed out the passion, tenacity and patience one has to exercise. It’s heartening for Cherelle to see the results of her proper research implemented on patients.

Mandy Spaltman, Radboud University. Mandy talked about her career as a behavioural scientist at Philips, working in a commercial company as a researcher. Is interesting and multidisciplinary.

Mariëlle Osinga (researcher Universiteit Groningen) Marielle elaborated on her (comparative) research into father absence among Caribbean children in the Netherlands and Curaçao. About doing quantitative and qualitative research and finding the right interviewees. How do you go about that? Mariëlle has just become a mother so her contribution was by video conference. Congrats Mariëlle!

Durwin Lynch, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam/VU Amsterdam. Durwin gave a brief  overview of his many activities. He Lecturers, is a researcher and  coordinates  the master’s program. Durwin shuttles between his day-to-day activities and his  PhD research. An extremely busy lad I would say.

In conclusion Jan Bant, university  Groningen, Leiden. On behalf of NWO (Dutch Research Council), Jan Bant invited us to participate in the Dutch Caribbean Research Week that will take place in June. 2022. 

The workshop was, by all means beneficial it took place in a relaxed Caribbean ambience. Savoury snacks and beverages were served.

Thank you for your hospitality Minister Manuel.

Photography Weconnect

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