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The Arts Society The Hague Presents: ‘Troy: Myth, History & Archaeology’ by Steve Kershaw

The Arts Society The Hague

Come to The Arts Society The Hague in the Warenar theatre in Wassenaar or join us via Zoom from home for a very special lecture given by accredited speaker Steve Kershaw on ‘Troy: Myth, History and Archaeology’ on Tuesday 14th February 2023 at 20.00 hours.


We do hope that members and guests will take the opportunity to come to the Warenar.

As a Classics Tutor for Oxford University Department for Continuing Education, Professor of History of Art for the European Studies Program of Rhodes College and The University of the South, Steve has spent much of the last 30 years travelling extensively in the world of the Greeks and Romans both physically and intellectually. He has published A Brief Guide to the Greek Myths (Robinson, 2007) and A Brief Guide to Classical Civilization (Robinson, 2010) and is currently working on A Brief Guide to the Roman Empire. It has been said that there probably isn’t any place in all the stories ever told that is as famous as Troy.

This talk will focus on the mythology of the Trojan war, which gave rise to some of the finest Ancient Greek literature and art, and will then turn to the fascinating tale of the discovery and excavation of the “topless towers of Ilion” at the site of Hisarlık in Turkey by Heinrich Schliemann and others.

Using slides and video we will explore some splendid archaeological finds, such as the ‘Jewels of Helen’, and finally, via encounters with Greeks, Trojans, Hittites and others, we will turn to the burning issue of whether Homer’s Trojan War really happened.

Join us for what will certainly be a very entertaining and informative event that will shed new light on a story that has captivated the world for millennia.

To register for the online lecture go to https://theartssociety.org/the-hague

Please note that you have to register before Monday February 13, 2023. The lecture starts on Tuesday 14 February at 20.00 pm.

Fee (non-members): € 13,-. A membership (8 lectures and other activities) is € 65,- per year and € 120,- for a couple. A half-year membership (4 lectures and other activities) is € 32,50 per year and € 60,- for a couple

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