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Policy paper on crimes against children

The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Mr Karim AA Khan KC

The Office of the Prosecutor launches public consultation to renew the policy paper on crimes against or affecting children

The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Mr Karim AA Khan KC is pleased to announce a call for public submissions for suggested changes to build upon, and renew, the 2016 OTP Policy on Children .

In launching this policy renewal process the Office will seek to develop new and innovative approaches to its work so as to make children more visible in all of its work, and further improve effectiveness in the investigation and prosecution of crimes against or affecting children.

In highlighting the importance of the renewal of this policy and the central role of stakeholder consultation in this process, Prosecutor Khan stated: “Before my election as Prosecutor – and ever since – I pledged to do better by children who, far too often, have been invisible actors in the international criminal justice process. Effective investigation and prosecution of crimes against or affecting children is – and will remain – a key priority during my tenure as Prosecutor. To implement a meaningful survivor-centered approach, we must give children greater agency in cases involving them. Their voices must be heard and their experiences inform every step of the process from preliminary examination to investigations and trial.

“The present consultation process will lead to the review and amendment of the policy on children and will build upon new approaches we have already implemented in the Office and be shaped by the input and advice from many specialists and actors from civil society, national authorities, and international organizations to help ensure we do better by children and affect meaningful change.”

Véronique Aubert, Special Advisor to the Prosecutor on Crimes Against and Affecting Children, will be assisting the Prosecutor and the Office in renewing this policy.

In this first round of external consultations, the Office welcomes comments on the substance of the policy and encourages proposals as to how it may be enhanced. The Prosecutor is of the view that external consultations on its policies and working methods are important for maintaining and furthering transparency and predictability, and generating the most comprehensive policies.

Comments can be sent to OTP.Policies@icc-cpi.int by Wednesday, 31 May 2023, midnight, CEST . All input received by the deadline will be carefully considered in the internal review and revision process.

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