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Exclusive Saree Pageant: Bangladesh House Entertains Ambassadors’ Spouse Association

Sazia Ahmed, Bangladesh spouse organizer of the Bangladesh saree Exhibition.

By Roy Lie Atjam

Mrs. Sazia Ahmed, the wife of the Ambassador of Bangladesh, on 22 May 2023 opened the doors of Bangladesh House to host a festive gathering for her fellow members of the Ambassadors’ Spouse Association (ASA). The entrance hall of the residence was draped in different styles of sarees. The highlight of the event was a saree pageant as well as a presentation of elements of the rich Bangladeshi culture to the ASA members and by extension to the Diplomatic Community in the Netherlands.

Members of the Ambassadors’ Spouse Association (ASA) during Bangladesh saree exhibition at Bangladesh House.

The gathering also featured an exhibition of different sarees which were taken from Sazia Ahmed’s collection, so that guests had the opportunity to touch the sarees on display.

Models proudly showed off different styles of sarees, including an example of a bridal saree as well as New Year’s outfits.

Mrs. Sazia, herself a saree wearer, eloquently explained the weaving process, the different fabric textures, combinations, the different ways of wearing a saree, the different occasions where they can be worn, as well as details of traditional Jamdani, Maslin, Tangail Tant, Mirpur Katan, Mirpur Benarashi, Rajshahi Silk, and Katha Stitch.

Mrs. Sazia mentioned that UNESCO recognized Bangladeshi Jamdani weaving as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Sazia Ahmed, during her speech.

Guests enjoyed the convivial atmosphere and Bengali hospitality, as well as the delicious cuisine which was served on the lawns of Bangladesh House.

All in all, it had been an informative, well-attended event and no doubt pleasurable Bangladeshi day that was enjoyed by everyone.

Bangladesh saree exhibition – lunch at Bangladesh residence’s garden.

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