Home Business Former Minister Gerda Verburg returns to the Netherlands as chair Element NL

Former Minister Gerda Verburg returns to the Netherlands as chair Element NL

Gerda Verburg

Gerda Verburg will take up the position of independent chairman of Element NL on September 1, 2023. In her role as chairman, Verburg will represent the industry on a national and international level.

Spearheads are the role of natural gas in the energy transition, the importance of Dutch production with a view to security of supply and affordability, and the contribution of Dutch natural gas to the energy mix. Within the association, she will lead this transition from the industry towards the climate goals.

Member of Parliament, minister and the United Nations

Verburg was a member of the House of Representatives for the CDA from 1998 until her appointment as Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality in the Balkenende IV cabinet (2007-2010). She then held two positions at the United Nations: first as ambassador of the Netherlands to the Food and Agriculture Organizations of the UN from 2011 to 2016 in Rome. In 2016, she was appointed Assistant Secretary-General by the UN Secretary-General to lead the SUN (Scaling Up Nutrition Movement) from Geneva as coordinator. Verburg returned to the Netherlands at the beginning of this year.

Security of supply and energy transition important themes

With Verburg, Element NL has acquired an experienced driver who has earned her spurs both nationally and internationally. Lex de Groot, Vice-President of Element NL: “Last year we saw how important Dutch natural gas is to be energy independent and thus to guarantee reliability, affordability and safety of energy. Natural gas from our own soil is also indispensable in the energy transition. In addition, our sector is a driver of innovations such as CO2 storage and we want to shape the hydrogen economy together with the wind industry. This is how we work together on the transition to clean energy sources. A lot can and still needs to be done, which is why I am very pleased with the arrival of Gerda Verburg and the role she can play in taking on this important task.”Element NL is the association for energy from Dutch soil. Element NL brings together the 12 companies that have a license to explore and produce natural gas in the Netherlands

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