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Alka Power Holding BV Signing Ceremony

Mrs. Raana Syed CEO Alka Power Holding BV.

Alka Power: A Fusion of Innovation, Partnerships, and Sustainability

By Roy Lie Atjam

On August 24, 2023, Alka Power Holding BV hosted a signing and product launch event at the Marriott Hotel in The Hague. The event was filled with warmth and cordiality as agreements were signed in crucial sectors like renewable energy, health, and infrastructure. Alka Power also strengthened its partnership with the Government of the République Démocratique du Congo on multiple projects.

The Master of Ceremonies for the occasion was Mr. Luuk de Ruijter, who holds the position of Director of Legal and Subsidies. Alka Power is a remarkable special-purpose entity that focuses on developing environmentally friendly projects, with offices located in the Netherlands and beyond. Recently, Alka Power introduced a ground-breaking infrared heating panel, a testament to unwavering commitment to creating innovative and sustainable energy solutions. Furthermore, a signing ceremony was held for various projects in collaboration with the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo, reflecting dedication to forging mutually beneficial partnerships.

Mrs.Raana syed CEO Alka Power Holding BV & Mr.Limbaya Mbangisa Cesar Governor of Mongala Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In her inaugural speech Mrs. Raana Syed, CEO of Alka Power Holding BV,  indicated how thrilled she was to welcome the many guests to the milestone event. Raana Syed went on to highlight the newly forged joint venture with ATB-Motors/Wolong, describing it as more than a business arrangement – it was a fusion of shared visions, relentless innovation, and the quest for excellence. Her excitement was palpable as she unveiled the ALKA RST Nano Heating Panel, a game-changer in sustainable energy solutions.

Raana Syed continued,I want to extend a special welcome to our Guest of Honor, the esteemed Ambassador of Pakistan H.E. Mr. Suljuk Mustansar Tarar. We’re also privileged to have in our midst respected diplomats from Egypt, Cameroon, Guinea, Angola, Bangladesh, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Governor of Haut Lomami & Mongolia and the CEO’s, Directors, and representatives of various multinational corporations. Your presence here tonight does not just add value to our gathering, it enriches it.” Mrs. Raana Syed further added, “Tonight, we’re not just celebrating three significant achievements, we’re celebrating the culmination of dreams, hard work, and relentless pursuit of excellence.”

“Firstly, it fills me with immense pride to announce our joint venture with one of the global top three motor and drive manufacturers, ATB Motors/Wolong. This partnership is more than a business agreement, it’s a union of shared visions, of relentless innovation, and the aspiration of excellence. ATB Motors/Wolong, a powerhouse in industries from automotive to infrastructure, will infuse this venture with their vast expertise and influential reach.

Mrs.Raana Syed CEO Alka power and Mr.Hans Wezeenberg MD ATB-Motors- Wolong, Miss.Tiantian Li, Mr. Quirijn Haak , Mr.Ron Slappendel COO Alka power Holding.

Today, we’re not just signing a cooperation agreement with ATB-Motors/Wolong, we’re signing a promise – a promise of a future where sustainability and innovation are intertwined, where partnerships transcend borders and industries, and where our commitment to a greener planet is reflected in every step we take.

Later, we will shift our focus to our latest marvel, the ALKA RST Nano Heating Panel. This isn’t just a heater; it’s a breakthrough in sustainable energy solutions. Certified by the esteemed German TUV authority, this innovation is set to revolutionize heating solutions across Europe and beyond. It’s ready to bring warmth and comfort to your homes, offices, and institutes, and do so sustainably.

Lastly, we’re overjoyed to announce our major infrastructure projects in partnership with the Democratic Republic of Congo. This collaboration is more than a business venture, it’s a symbol of our mutual commitment to sustainable development and the transformative power of international cooperation. This initiative, our first in Africa, is a tangible expression of our commitment to right past wrongs and contribute positively to the future of this vibrant continent.

The Ambassador of Pakistan, H.E.Mr.Suljuk Mustansar Tarar, Mr.Rao Rizwan Commercial Councilor, Embassy pf Pakistan, Mrs.Raana syed(backing) Mr. Ellahi.

Especially poignant is the fact that on July 5th of this year, our King Willem Alexander issued an apology for the country’s involvement in the slave trade, asking forgiveness for the clear failure to act in the face of this crime against humanity. This act of acknowledging past wrongs resonates deeply with our mission at Alka Power – to learn from history, to strive for better, and to build a future that rectifies the mistakes of the past.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to everyone here today. Your unwavering support and faith in our vision have been the wind beneath our wings, propelling us to this milestone. As we embark on these exhilarating new ventures, we eagerly look forward to your continued support and enthusiasm. Thank you, and here’s to a future that’s brighter, greener, and more sustainable!“.    

Another speakers were: Mr. Wezenberg, he lauded the partnership with Alka Power Holding BV, Our cooperation with Alka Power Holding BV transcends business. Its a union of shared visions and aspirations.

Miss Tiantian Li, who also heads the New Energy Business Unit at ATB Wolong Group stated, “tonight, we have taken a significant step forward. We have just signed a cooperation agreement with Alka Power Holding BV. This partnership is not merely a convergence of business interests. Our partnership with Alka Power Holding BV is a harmonious alignment of shared values, goals, and a vision for a greener future. This alliance is about amalgamating our strengths, expertise, and passion for renewable energy”.

Group photo stakeholders and friends.

Launching  of Alka Power Holding’s innovative heater panel, presented by Mr. Ron Slappendel, the Chief Operating Officer and Head of R&D at Alka Power Holding. The heater panel, a breakthrough in sustainable energy solutions, was described as a quick, efficient, and green way to keep things warm. Slappendel also announced the company‘s plans to develop a cooling panel within the next two years.

The signing ceremony was also witnessed by the Director–General of the INTPA, the Ambassador of Norway, and Ambassadors of Africa countries whose universities are involved in the clusters.

A solemn signing ceremony followed, subsequently, the evening concluded with a impressive and stylish sitting dinner.

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