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Embassy Festival  2023 colourful, Dazzling and Entertaining   

Ambassadors group picture - Embassy Festival 2023

By Roy Lie Atjam

The Embassy Festival is a vibrant and colourful annual event where various embassies showcase their countries. This festival brings people from different backgrounds together to share their knowledge and ideas, celebrating global culture and what connects us all.

You can explore a world of music and dance, including performances by artists such as Harmoni Rasa from Malaysia, Irene Sanga from Tanzania, Dardanet from Kosovo, and Grupo Cultural Ritmo Dominicano, among others.

In the center of the photo, the Kenyan ambassador H.E. Ms. Margaret Shava, accompanied by two people dressed in traditional Kenyan attire.

Furthermore, individuals from diverse cultures exhibit their cuisines, clothing, accessories, and other objects at this event. This unique and special occasion underscores the shared interests and experiences that unite us as global citizens.

It generates a sense of traversing the world without physically departing The Hague, fostering a spirit of togetherness as we revel in global culture collectively.

Israel parading in the Cultural Parade of the Embassy Festival.

A decade ago, an event was inaugurated as a part of the annual International Open Day in September, held at the World Forum. At that time, it was referred to by a different name.

However, today, it has evolved into a highly renowned activity that embassies eagerly anticipate. Moreover, it is an honour to mention that the esteemed Mayor of The Hague will support the 2023 festival.

The Ambassador of Bosnia & Herzegovina, H.E. Mr. Almir Sahovic with part of his delegation.

The festival takes place on the first Saturday of September. The mayor of The Hague, Mr. Jan van Zanen, is one of the regular Embassy Festival attendees. Several Ambassadors and diplomats participated in the event in person.

The opening ceremony of this year’s festival was marked by a magnificent Cultural Parade that took place on the fairgrounds. Participants were adorned in traditional attires, waving their national flags and banners and joyously dancing to the melodious tunes. The parade was graced by the esteemed presence of several ambassadors, which undoubtedly added to its grandeur and success. Therefore, it is highly recommended that this parade be included as the festival’s central activity.

A Samurai, from the prestigious hereditary military nobility of Japan. (12 century)

The 2023 festival saw participation from over fifty embassies representing different parts of the world. It would be even better if more countries joined as participants. We warmly welcome countries like Belgium, Germany, Brazil, and many others.

Embassy Festival, colourful and dazzling

Ambassador of Bangladesh, H.E. Mr. Riaz Hamidullah, his wife Sazia Ahmed and Ms. Archi Mutsuddi.

The Embassy Festival came and went in splendour, a truly tremendous celebration. Bravo!

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