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Exploring Ecuadorian Coffee: A Tasting Event at the Embassy of Ecuador in The Hague

Ecuadorian Coffee Tasting Event

Coffee connoisseurs gathered on July 5th, 2023, at the Embassy of Ecuador in The Hague for a special tasting event that unveiled the rich and diverse flavors of Ecuadorian coffee. Organized by the Embassy of Ecuador, Pro Ecuador, and Engrano Koffiebranders, this event offered attendees a unique opportunity to savor the distinctive coffee from various regions of Ecuador, shedding light on the country’s long history of coffee cultivation.

Guadalupe Sierra, the founder of Engrano Koffiebranders, a dedicated Ecuadorian living in the Netherlands, led the tasting session. Her deep-rooted family connection to coffee in Ecuador, dating back generations, made her the perfect guide for this exploration of Ecuador’s coffee heritage. Guadalupe’s great-grandfather was credited with introducing coffee to the Galapagos Islands, and today, she is committed to importing, roasting, and marketing Ecuadorian coffee in the Netherlands.

H.E. Andrés Terán Parral – Ambassador of Ecuador to the Netherlands, with guests.

The event welcomed a diverse group of attendees, including key figures from the coffee industry, restaurant owners, baristas, and even diplomatic representatives. Among the attendees were H.E. Andrés Terán Parral – Ambassador of Ecuador to the Netherlands, Guadalupe Sierra – Founder at Engrano Koffiebranders, Juan Carlos Yépez – Commercial Counsellor at Embassy of Ecuador / Pro Ecuador and representatives from Illimani Coffee, LOB’s Restaurant, Coffee Works, Tuscany Coffee Beans, Sherlock Holmes Pub, European Climate Foundation and Mayelinne De Lara – Founder of the Diplomat Magazine.

The event commenced with an informative presentation about Ecuador’s history of coffee cultivation. Guadalupe then introduced the five distinct coffees that would be tasted, each representing a unique region of Ecuador: Zamora Chinchipe (Amazon), Chimborazo (Andes), Loja (Andes), Manabí (Coast), and the Galapagos Islands.

Testing Ecuadorian coffee.

Juan Carlos Yépez, the Commercial Counsellor and Head of the Commercial Section of the Embassy of Ecuador, as well as the Director of Pro Ecuador in the Netherlands, emphasized the significance of this tasting event. He stated, “This is the first Ecuadorian coffee tasting that takes place in The Hague, Netherlands and at the Embassy of Ecuador. Not many Dutch people know that Ecuador produces specialty coffee. The purpose of this event is to create a concept of Ecuadorian coffee among baristas and Dutch restaurants.”

The presence of H.E. Andrés Terán Parral, the Ambassador of Ecuador to the Netherlands, added a diplomatic touch to the event. The Ambassador engaged with attendees, discussing and exchanging thoughts and opinions with the baristas and restaurants represented.

Guadalupe Sierra guiding the coffee testing at the Embassy of Ecuador in The Hague.

Statistical Insights:

– In 2022, Ecuador’s coffee exports reached a total value of 120 million dollars, with 25 million dollars corresponding to green and roasted coffee, while the remainder consisted of coffee extract used for soluble coffee.

– Ecuador successfully exported coffee worth 1.6 million dollars to the Netherlands in 2022.

Group picture awith Ambassador Teran Parral t the Ecudaorian coffee testing.

Diverse Coffee Production:

Ecuador’s unique coffee production capabilities are worth highlighting. It is one of the few countries globally that cultivates both Arabica and Robusta coffee varieties. The country’s diverse ecosystems enable the cultivation of coffee across various altitudes and even in the extraordinary setting of the Galapagos Islands.

Ecuador’s coffee industry has certainly made a statement with this tasting event, showcasing its potential to offer a wide range of flavors and profiles to coffee enthusiasts around the world. As the aroma of Ecuadorian coffee lingers in the halls of the Embassy of Ecuador in The Hague, it is evident that the journey of discovering Ecuadorian coffee has only just begun.

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