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Discovering Kosovo’s Vinicultural Gems: A Toast to Excellence at the Diplomats Wine Extravaganza

Ambassador of Kosovo Mr Dren Doli.

By Rob Nout, Wine Specialist

I had the pleasure of attending the Diplomats Wine Extravaganza, flawlessly orchestrated by Diplomat Magazine. It proved to be an ideal setting not only to acquaint oneself with wines from lesser-known wine countries in the Netherlands but also to cultivate meaningful personal connections.

My visit held particular significance for me. Since August, I have been actively distributing premium wines from Albania in the Netherlands and am contemplating the addition of wines from Kosovo to my repertoire. Thus, it was truly gratifying that the Embassy of Kosovo extended the opportunity to several Kosovo wineries to showcase their offerings.

The esteemed Ambassador of Kosovo to the Netherlands, His Excellency Dr. Dren Doli, expressed his optimism that more Dutch enthusiasts would discover and appreciate the unique wines from Kosovo.

Wines from Kosovo.

At present, Kosovo boasts approximately 3500 hectares of vineyards, dispersed across five regions, primarily situated in the southwest of the country. The Rahovec wine region stands out as the largest. The conditions for viticulture are optimal, characterized by a mild continental climate with Mediterranean influences, diverse soil types, and a range of microclimates thanks to numerous valleys. Blue grape varieties dominate, constituting over 65% of the plantings.

During the Wine Extravaganza, I was delighted to encounter exceptional wines crafted from indigenous grape varieties such as Vranç and Prokupa, as well as international favorites like Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Chardonnay, Welschriesling, and Muscat.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Bejtullah Hahimurati and Mr. Haziz Tafaj, representing the Kosovan wineries in attendance. I look forward to maintaining a connection with them to stay abreast of developments in the Kosovo wine industry.

Convinced of the potential of Kosovan wines to complement my selection, I invite you to monitor my website, www.noutswijnwereld.eu, for updates on the enticing wines from Kosovo that will soon be available to Dutch wine enthusiasts.


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