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Israeli families request for international arrest warrants


Israeli families of Hamas victims to be received on Friday November 17 by Karim Khan, Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court – request for international arrest warrants

Several victims’ families will be received at the International Criminal Court, where a meeting is scheduled with Prosecutor Karim Khan and his the team of investigators. This visit follows the complaint lodged by eleven families on 3 November (AFP report), in which their lawyer, François Zimeray, called for an international arrest warrant to be issued for the leaders of Hamas.

The complaint set out the criminal charges likely to be brought by the ICC: firstly, crimes against humanity and war crimes; secondly, the complaint emphasised the genocidal nature of the attacks, in line with the objectives claimed by Hamas in its Charter.

Among the victims whose families will travel to The Hague are the mother of a young woman murdered in a ground attack on the “Tribe of Nova” rave party held in the Negev desert, the young daughter of a man living in Ofakim murdered in his home and the well-known peacededicated entrepreneur Eyal Waldman, whose daughter was murdered at the rave party site. For Mr Zimeray, former French Ambassador for Human Rights, “this visit is an important moment for the victims, but also for the Court, in which the families place their trust. We will provide the Prosecutor with the evidence needed to issue an international arrest warrant against the leaders of Hamas”.

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