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Joint trip to Pennsylvania and New Jersey for US Consul General Kao and NRW’s Minister Liminski

Minister Nathanael Liminski, Consul General Pauline Kao, Ambassador Dr Amy Gutmann, Premier Hendrik Wüst (1)

North Rhine-Westphalia’s Minister of Federal, European and International and Media Affairs Nathanael Liminski laid the foundation for new collaborations during his four-day trip to the USA. He was accompanied by the US Consul General in Düsseldorf, Pauline Kao. In the place where 13 families from Krefeld once founded the first German settlement in the USA, Minister Liminski initiated a new partnership with the non-governmental organization “Launch of Philadelphia” and signed a corresponding declaration in the presence of the former Mayor of Philadelphia, Dr. Wilson Goode.

“On the occasion of our NRW-USA Year, we want to further intensify transatlantic school exchanges and focus on socially disadvantaged students. Currently, there are already nearly 100 school partnerships between North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) and the USA. They contribute to expanding horizons and fostering friendships. We want to make this opportunity available to even more young people in the future,” explained Minister Liminski.

Minister Liminski also agreed with the Governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, to exchange administrative experiences. “Especially in the energy sector, there is a lot we can learn from each other. This applies to the topic of hydrogen as well as the speed of planning and approval procedures. That’s why we want to strengthen the collaboration between our administrations,” Minister Liminski stated. Furthermore, Governor Murphy and Minister Liminski reached an agreement to enhance cooperation in exchange programs during vocational training, especially for companies with locations in both New Jersey and North Rhine-Westphalia.

Minister Liminski and Consul General Kao also met with the Secretary of Economic Development of Pennsylvania, Rick Siger, North Rhine-Westphalia’s partner state. Within the framework of the renewed Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation between North Rhine-Westphalia and Pennsylvania in 2022, Minister Liminski identified specific areas of collaboration with Secretary Siger. They agreed to collaborate in the fields of hydrogen and vocational training. “Pennsylvania and North Rhine-Westphalia are strong industrial regions facing similar challenges. We have found concrete formats to learn more from each other on the path of transformation,” Minister Liminski stated. In Pennsylvania’s capital, Harrisburg, the delegation visited the company Phoenix Contact, which has its roots in Blomberg, Lippe.

Minister Nathanael Liminski: “North Rhine-Westphalia and the USA share a close and longstanding friendship. To inject new momentum into this relationship, we have declared the NRW-USA Year 2023/2024 under the theme ‘A perfect match.’ Our trip to the United States of America also served this goal. I have personally experienced the richness of our special connection to the USA in many places, and together with our partners, we have developed ideas to deepen this close friendship.”

Consul General Pauline Kao: “This packed four-day trip has convinced me more than ever that the people of North Rhine-Westphalia and the United States are deeply and enduringly connected, and it is indeed a ‘perfect match.’ It was especially moving to stand in the place where one of the original 13 families from Krefeld settled in Germantown, Philadelphia, the birthplace of American democracy. The relations between NRW and the USA are rooted not only in shared history and values but also offer numerous opportunities for concrete cooperation in various areas. When we join hands, we will further strengthen the transatlantic community, which is needed more than ever today.”

UN institutions in Bonn 

Minister Liminski: “The North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) state government is convinced of the need to strengthen the UN Bonn location with its 26 resident UN organizations and to further enhance the international visibility of the federal city. During my conversation with UN Deputy Secretary-General Melissa Fleming, Liminski emphasized that our state is ready to support the establishment of additional UN organizations along the Rhine. 

Furthermore, Minister Liminski conveyed the desire for Bonn to be utilized even more extensively by the United Nations as a conference venue. Liminski stated, “In this regard, too, we are prepared to offer support, particularly in terms of security and logistics.”

Congratulations to German Winners at the International Emmys

As the Minister of Media Affairs, Liminski also attended the International Emmy Awards ceremony in New York. “With four German nominations and the victory of the Netflix series ‘Die Kaiserin’ in the Drama Series category, we can be very pleased from a German perspective. These productions showcase Germany’s significant role as a film and media location with their diversity,” said the Minister.

He used both the event and meetings before and after the International Emmys to engage in discussions with media professionals from both Germany and abroad. “We have explored forward-thinking opportunities for deeper collaboration with US film producers and platforms like Amazon and Netflix, and we are bringing back important insights to NRW,” Minister Liminski added.

Background on North Rhine-Westphalia and the USA

With more than 1,700 companies, the USA is one of the most important foreign trade partners for North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) and ranks among the largest foreign investors in the state. The official launch of the current NRW-USA Year took place on June 22 with an opening event commemorating the 247th Independence Day of the United States of America.

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