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Rotterdam Photo 24 / IMAGINE Celebrating contemporary Photography

Dan Hallman

Rotterdam, a city renowned for its modernity and creativity, played host once again to the annual Rotterdam Photo Fair.

From 1 to 4 February being part of the Rotterdam Art Week, the event attracted approximately 10.000 visitors, among whom art lovers, collectors, gallerists, diplomats and international art press professionals from various parts of the globe. The Keilewerf located in the center of Rotterdam was transformed into a street-wise photography village and hub for photography fans, populated by 60+ shipping containers repurposed into exhibition spaces.

With a profusion of exhibitions, organized talks, workshops, and a fringe program with music and digital installations throughout the city; jazz music, street vendors, cafes, and restaurants on the festival’s location, it was easy to spent a day there.

Imagine – a word that evokes imagination, creativity, and limitless possibilities

From a broad range of submissions, the commission selected 69 photographers project exhibition photographers and 51 single image exhibition photographers to exhibit their work, based on the theme IMAGINE.

Photographers and artists questioned and transformed our world’s perception with their imagination, innovation and critical thinking. They explored diverse angles such as surrealism, portrait and landscape photography, and the romanticization of the everyday, manipulating theirs cameras, playing with light, using AI.

Among the selected artists Dan Hallman stood out, captivating audiences with his unique approach to photography. Hallman, a graduate of the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York, currently resides in The Hague, Netherlands, alongside his spouse, who serves as the Ambassador of Argentina.

“Making the Simple Complicated”

“My life long attraction to visual arts and photography began in the years leading up to pursuing my BFA from Parsons NY, followed by an extensive freelance photography career with a specialty in editorial, commercial and celebrity portraits.” he stated. In that time Hallman have always been creating abstract, conceptual work for himself and he is now solely focused on these bodies of work. “Some have categorised my large scale photos as “Abstract Expressionism in Photography” or “Kinetic” at times.” If you zoom in, it looks like brush strokes and they are more vibrant and energetic in person. It is the mood and “abstract expressionism in photography” that I am looking to present at times within this broader project.”

“The photographs presented are a representation of continuing bodies of work I consider paintings or drawings manifested in photographic form.” He expressed. “While shot digitally on my Leica or Canon, the images are all produced in a camera with no Photoshop retouching. I manipulate reality through long exposures, “painting” with the camera, using found forms and/or physically creating shapes of light with the camera to create the image. 

Often using mundane moments of the day and presenting them in a way the viewer may never have seen or considered to be beautiful.  I am making the simple visual, making the simple energetic, making the simple peaceful, making the simple bold, making the simple calm, making the simple important – making the simple complicated.”

Dan Hallman at Rotterdam 24

“I create photos, paintings and drawings which invite the viewer to engage and participate completing the piece. You feel compelled to look closer to see what it is. They are done in a way where the subject matter is not important and it is left entirely up to the observer to visually feel the piece and complete its meaning. Once again, the viewer completes the piece with their own interpretation of my words.”

Hallman’s works is held in private collections all over the world. While Hallman is known for his captivating portraits of emblematic figures from politics, science, arts, music, and Hollywood stars; from Meg Ryan to Dalay Lama, his  extensive portfolio, which includes numerous publications of his portraits in Vanity Fair, The Hollywood Reporter, Glamour, Vogue, alongside his artistic works exhibited in renowned institutions like the Museum of The City of New York and Centro Cultural Borges in Buenos Aires,  reflects his versatile talent and impact on the world of photography.

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