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Israeli visit the Saarland’s Premier Rehlinger 

Ambassador Ron Prosor & Premier Anke Rehlinger - Picture by Staatskanzlei, Pf - Saarland.de.

Wednesday, 24 January 2024, Saarbrücken, The Saarland, German: The Saarland’s Social Democratic Premier Anke Rehlinger received the Ambassador of the State of Israel Prof. Ron Prosor in the State Chancellery. 

“It is a personal pleasure for me and a great honor for Saarland to be able to welcome you today,” said Rehlinger as per statement linked below. After a conversation, the premier and Ambassador Prosor appeared before the press. Rehlinger emphasized Germany’s solidarity with Israel, especially after the Hamas attacks that took place on 7 October 2023, which she called “a terrible, infinitely cruel crime.” “The state of Israel has the right to defend its existence against this terror,” emphasized the Saarland head of government.

Afterwards, Premier Rehlinger and Ambassador Prosor visited the Saarbrücken synagogue community. Rehlinger described the visit as “a common signal that we will protect Jewish life and culture in our midst.”

Ambassador Prosor thanked Premier Rehlinger for the open, trusting conversation. The Federal Republic of Germany is unequivocally on Israel’s side, as Chancellor Scholz expressed. The ambassador emphasized the importance of discussions and exchanges between Germany and Israel, for example in the form of student exchanges. Rehlinger took up this and announced that he wanted to talk to Education Minister Streichert-Clivot about a school partnership. Finally, the Israeli ambassador invited Rehlinger to visit his country in 2025 to mark 60 years of diplomatic relations between Germany and Israel.

Prof. Prosor has been Israel’s top diplomatic envoy in Germany since his accreditation that transpired on 22 August 2022. Before his ambassadorship in Germany, he served in the capacity as Head of the Abba Eban Institute for International Diplomacy. Previously he had served as head of mission of the State of Israel to the United Nations in New York City (2011-2015) as well as Ambassador to St James’s Court (the UK, 2007-2011). Between 2004 and 2007 he was the Director for the Israeli Foreign Ministry. 

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Government of The Saarland: https://www.saarland.de/stk/DE/aktuelles/medieninfos/medieninfo/2024/pm_2024-01-24-rehlinger-empfaengt-israelischen-botschafter.html

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