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Premier Malu Dreyer received the Israel’s ambassador and consul general

Talya Lador, Fresher Malu Dreyer, Ron Prosor Picture by Staatskanzlei RLP

“Israel and Rhineland-Palatinate share an unbreakable friendship. The State of Israel is celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2023. Premier Dreyer “was pleased to welcome the Israeli ambassador to the State Chancellery during the latter anniversary year and to reaffirm our good and trusting cooperation with him,” said Premier Malu Dreyer on the occasion of the inaugural visit of the Ambassador of the State of Israel in Germany, H. E. Prof. Ron Prosor.

“Rhineland-Palatinate and Israel have maintained friendly and close partnerships for many years. The focus is on international understanding, educational projects and student encounters as well as scientific and economic cooperation,” said the Premier. The country has had a business representative office in Tel Aviv since 2020. Since 1993, Rhineland-Palatinate has supported the Israeli-Arab-Palestinian meeting place Givat Haviva to promote Jewish-Arab coexistence. The 30th anniversary of the collaboration was honored with a ceremony in the State Chancellery in December 2023. Since 2018, there has been an Israel professorship at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz for better mutual understanding, which was founded by Premier Malu Dreyer. Since 2018, there has also been the Office of the Prime Minister’s Representative for Jewish Life and Anti-Semitism Issues.

These close partnership relationships are a good foundation for further strengthening and intensifying the friendship with Israel. “We want to continue working together on a good future, especially against the background of the terrible past,” said the Premier. These included, among other things, German-Israeli school partnerships and cultural cooperation between institutions in Israel and Rhineland-Palatinate, but also memorial work and culture of remembrance. The decisive fight against any form of anti-Semitism – as current examples have shown very clearly – remains an ongoing task for the state and society, said Premier Malu Dreyer. The current judicial reform in Israel was also a topic of discussion.

Prof. Ron Prosor has been Ambassador of the State of Israel since August 2022. Previously, he served, among other things, as Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations and Ambassador to the United Kingdom. He was accompanied by Talya Lador-Fresher, Consul General of the State of Israel for Southern Germany since September 2023, based in Munich.

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Government of Rhineland-Palatinate: https://www.rlp.de/service/pressemitteilungen/detail/ministerpraesidentin-malu-dreyer-empfaengt-den-botschafter-des-staates-israel-zum-antrittsbesuch

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