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NATO flag raised at the Nordic embassies in Germany

Kai Sauer, Alda Vanaga, María Erla Marelsdóttir, Dr. Tobias Lindner, Veronika Wand, Danielsson, Michael Roth, Ramūnas Misiulis, Susanne Hyldelund.
Tuesday, 12 March 2024, Berlin-Tiergarten, Germany: In the presence of policymakers, friend and allies, Swedish officials had the pleasure of raising NATO’s flag at the Nordic embassies’ complex in Berlin.
It was indeed a moving day that took place in the presence of personalities that included Ambassador of Finland in Germany, Kai SauerDr. Tobias Lindner, Minister of State in the Federal Foreign Office of Germany and Michael Roth, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee at the Bundestag. 
Swedish Military Attaché in Germany, Jonas Hård af Segerstad.
For the first time in 500 years, all Nordic countries belong to the same defense alliance. Sweden’s accession to NATO is a big step for Nordic and Nordic-Baltic cooperation: “We are no longer just good neighbours, now we are also allies and ready to defend our common freedom,” said Swedish Ambassador Veronika Wand-Danielsson in her speech.
Germany, represented by State Minister Dr. Tobias Lindner, also found remarkable words in the framework of the ceremony:”Today may be a conclusion to the accession process. In reality, it is a beginning: we welcome two countries to NATO with which we share values and interests and we as the Federal Republic of Germany are pleased to be a member of an alliance where we know you are by our side.”Russian imperialism is the reason Finland and Sweden found their way into NATO.
Ceremony at the premises of the Nordic embassies in Berlin-Tiergarten.
That’s why Michael Roth reminded us in particular of the people in Ukraine at the end: “They are waging their fight in the name of all of us. Because it’s about our freedom, our peace, our security.”Sweden became NATO’s newest member on Thursday, 7 March 2024, upon depositing its instrument of accession to the North Atlantic Treaty with the Government of the United States in Washington D.C. With Sweden’s accession, NATO now counts 32 countries amongst its members.
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Pictures by Embassy of Sweden in Germany, Bernhard Ludewig

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