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Unveiling History: Leonardo da Vinci and Verrazzano’s Royal Discovery of New York (1524-2024)


ISBN: 1-0364-0017-4

Published on March 14th, 2024, by Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Link to Purchase: https://www.cambridgescholars.com/product/978-1-0364-0017-0

In the intricate threads  of history, some facts remain hidden until a diligent scholar unravels them, shedding light on forgotten truths and rewriting the narrative of our past. “Leonardo da Vinci and Verrazzano’s Royal Discovery of New York (1524-2024): Codex Cèllere Reassessed” is one such revelation, offering a compelling reassessment of aan important moment in transatlantic exploration.

Authored by Professor Dr. Stefaan Missinne, a distinguished figure in the realms of historical discovery and exploration, this book unveils layers of history previously obscured by time. Professor Missinne’s credentials, including his status as a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, Laureate of the Belgian Prince Albert Society, and Honorary President of the Austrian-Belgian Society, underscore his expertise and commitment to scholarly inquiry.

Within the annals of Verrazzano Castle in Greve in Chianti, Professor Missinne, renowned for his discovery of the da Vinci Globe from 1504, unearthed a 500-year-old treasure: the travel report of Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano. This discovery set forth a captivating journey, leading from the heart of Italy to the halls of Windsor Castle, where Leonardo da Vinci’s papers revealed a world map dating back to circa 1515. This map depicted an open seaway between Florida and Newfoundland, challenging existing narratives of geographical understanding.

But the intrigue deepens. Did Verrazzano’s encounter with Magellan in Seville in 1517 foreshadow his historic voyage? And what of Leonardo da Vinci, who resided in France from 1516 to 1519—did he, in his ingenious way, influence Verrazzano and his royal patron? Astonishingly, the ties between the Verrazzano and da Vinci families stretch back to Florence, where they were once neighbors, adding layers of complexity to this enthralling narrative.

In this reassessment, Professor Missinne presents new evidence, weaving together the threads of history to unveil the intertwined fates of Leonardo and Verrazzano. The Codex Cèllere, housed at the Pierpont Morgan Library, emerges as New York’s literary birth certificate, marking a seminal moment in the city’s storied history.

“Leonardo da Vinci and Verrazzano’s Royal Discovery of New York” invites readers on a journey through time, where the past comes alive with newfound clarity and intrigue. This volume contains new historic findings which are of relevance to the French-Italian-American-Dutch diplomacy. 

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