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Launch: Friends of Bangladesh in the Netherlands

Ambassador Riaz Hamidullah receives token of appreiaction from Mr Motalib Weijters.

By Roy Lie Atjam

The Hague, 17 May 2024. After years of persistence, the Friends of Bangladesh in the Netherlands – FOBN has been launched.

The association aims to complement the efforts of the Bangladeshi Embassy in engaging with various segments of Dutch society.

The initiative began with preliminary discussions among a few enthusiasts nearly two years ago, and after many hours of conversations the launch has come to fruition.

On Friday, 17 May, dozens of friends gathered at the Bangladesh Embassy to witness the momentous launch of the new association in the presence of H.E. Ambassador M Riaz Hamidullah, who announced his upcoming departure from the Netherlands.

Philippine Ambassador H.E. Mr Eduardo Malaya delivers his speech.

The Friends of Bangladesh in the Netherlands expressed their appreciation to the departing Ambassador Riaz Hamidullah for his support by presenting him with a token of gratitude for his contributions to the association.

Deepening the friendship between Bangladesh and the Netherlands is the ultimate aim, including economic interests. Given the exceptional ties between Bangladesh and the Netherlands and the growing interactions across politics, academia and business Ambassador Riaz Hamidullah worked with a few individuals to establish a legal entity, specifically an association registered under Dutch law. The association is further to create opportunities for open engagement – for sharing ideas for collaboration, making inquiries, and exploring partnerships with peers.

Pitching time at the Friends of Bangladesh’s launch

The joyous launch was attended by various groups, including the Ambassadors of Croatia, Ms. Dubravka Plejic Markovic and the Philippines, H.E. Mr. Jose Eduardo Malaya, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, VNO-NCW (Netherlands Enterprise Agency),academics, friends, Diplomat magazine, the diaspora and others.

Friends of Bangladesh Quiz winners.

The Friends of Bangladesh in the Netherlands Board will strive to maintain gender parity at all times.

Best wishes to the inaugural Board of the Friends of Bangladesh in the Netherlands, led by Mr. Motalib Weijters and Mr. Joost Oorthuizen. Bravo!

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