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Pakistan’s National Day: A Vibrant Celebration in The Hague

H.E. Mr. Suljuk Mustansar Tarar, Ambassador Pakistan.

By Pietro Proglio

The Pakistani National Day was celebrated with grandeur and enthusiasm at the Marriott Hotel in The Hague, marking a significant occasion for the Pakistani community and their friends in the Netherlands. The event, organized by the Embassy of Pakistan and held by H.E. Mr. Suljuk Mustansar Tarar and Mrs. Rabia Suljuk, was a  demonstration of the rich cultural heritage and the strong bilateral relations between Pakistan and the Netherlands.

H.E. Mr. Marcin Czepelak, Secretary General of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, H.E. Mr. Suljut Mustansar Tarar, Ambassador of Pakistan and spouse Rabia Suljuk.

The Ambassador of Pakistan to the Netherlands, H.E. Suljut Mustansar Tarar, delivered a speech highlighting the historical significance of the day. In his address, Ambassador Tarar emphasized the progressive strides Pakistan has made in various sectors, including economic development, education, and an array of other issues. He acknowledged the support and cooperation extended by the Netherlands in various bilateral initiatives and expressed hope for continued collaboration in the future.

The evening was adorned with cultural performances that showcased the traditions of Pakistan. Traditional music captivated the audience, providing a glimpse into the diverse cultural landscape of the country.

H.E. Mr. Agustín Vásquez Gómez, Ambassador of El Salvador, H.E. Mr. Fernando Arias, Director General OPCW and spouse Patricia van Oordt.

One of the highlights of the evening was the sumptuous Pakistani cuisine that was served to the guests. The elaborate menu featured a lineup of traditional dishes, showcasing the rich culinary traditions of Pakistan. The guests were treated to a culinary journey through Pakistan.

The event was graced by the presence of diplomats, Dutch government officials, and community leaders, proving the importance of the celebration in fostering diplomatic ties and cultural exchange. The guests included ambassadors, high-ranking officials from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and prominent members of the Pakistani diaspora.

About the author: Pietro Proglio is a World Politics student at Leiden University College.

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