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Last call for subscription.

One month course for Diplomats.

The Hague Political Academy.

The HaguePoliticalAcademy starts next Monday with a high level course on domestic Dutch politics for foreign diplomats.  Schedule:  five consecutive Mondays from 5pm until 7pm. From October 21st until November 18st. Subscription is still possible ! Information: www.thehaguepoliticalacademy.nl

The sessions will provide participants with a better understanding of Dutch society and the way in which politics works in public and behind the scenes. After an introduction to the historical background, attention will be paid to the governmental and opposition parties and their policies. Also the impact of the media on policymaking will be explained.

Special focal points will be the Dutch foreign policy and the role played by the Netherlands in the European Union. Finally, the policies of the present VVD/PvdA cabinet will be explained and discussed. At the end of the course  the participants will visit the Dutch Parliament.

The lectures will enable participants to report with more authority on Dutch politics and to participate at a high level in discussions on Dutch domestic issues. As course supervisor Dr Bob van den Bos will draw on his extensive personal political experience as a Member of the national and European Parliament. Moreover, several distinguished guest speakers  are invited to share their views with the participants.

During and after the sessions there will be ample opportunity to maintain informal contacts with other participants. Participants will receive a certificate of attendance at the last session.

Venue: Prinsevinkenpark 24 , 2585 HL The Hague

Course manager is Mr Boy Frank, boy.b.frank@gmail.com    Phone 06-23450937


Programme Course Oktober 21 – November

Oktober  21 Introduction. Current developments, historical overview.

No guest speaker.

Oktober 28  . Political system and culture.  VVD- PvdA coalition policies.

Guest speaker: Benk Korthals, Party President of VVD, Liberal  Coalition Partner, former minister of Justice and of Defence.

November 4

Dutch European and  foreign policy. Historical introduction and current policies.

Guest speaker: Professor Laurens Jan Brinkhorst, former deputy prime minister, minister of economic affairs, minister of agriculture and State Secretary for European Affairs.

November 11

Political system and culture II. Opposition to present cabinet policies.

Guest speaker: Thom de Graaf, member of Parliament/ First Chamber, former deputy prime minister and minister of constitutional affairs. Ronald vd Raak ?

November 18

Role of the media and lobby groups


Guest speakers Mark Kranenburg, senior editor NRC-Handelsblad diplomatic affairs, former correspondent in Brussels and Jan van Groesen, President of the Board Netherlands Media Ombudsman Foundation, former deputy editor-in chief of Dutch National Press agency ANP ,former president of International Press Center Nieuwspoort.

November 25

Visit to Parliament. Meetings with several political parties.

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