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Invitation Free Seminar Investments English 2014


After the turmoil at the end of January in the emerging countries, unrest started around Ukraine. At the same time the global economy improves in most regions worldwide. Are you wondering what these developments mean for you as an investor? And what ABN AMRO’s opinion is on investments?  On behalf of ABN AMRO we would like to invite you to our Investments Seminar on May 21th 2014, 19h at Museum Corpus “Reis door de mens” Willem Einthovenstraat 1, 2342 BH.

Investments in 2014: The opportunities and the expectations

After a short review of 2013 our guest speaker Ben Steinebach, Head of ABN AMRO Investment Strategy, will elaborate on the investment market. You will get answers to questions: ‘’What are the opportunities?’’ and ‘’What is my best strategy I can follow?’’

Options of Portfolio Asset Management

Due to the current changes on the financial markets and domestic law, ABN AMRO is continuously renewing it’s investment offers. By the first of January 2014 we have renewed our investment products significantly. What does this mean for your portfolio and what are your options? Are you considering investing your savings? Do you want more return on your savings? Daniel Lof, Head of the Portfolio Asset Management Department, would like to inform you about Portfolio Asset  Management.

Besides learning more about Portfolio Asset Management you can also meet your account team of the ABN AMRO International Client Desk The Hague or the ABN AMRO International Client Desk Amsterdam.

To apply for the ABN AMRO Seminar Investments send an email with name, account number and number of people attending to (events.icsdh@nl.abnamro.com) .



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