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Credential letters in Estonia

Kenya-Rwnada-Uganda Meet&Greet

His Excellency Jean Pierre Karabaranga, Ambassador of the Republic of Rwanda,  recently presented the credential letters to the President of the Republic of Estonia H.E. Toomas Hendrick Ilves. The ceremony took place in Tallinn at the president’s office. Ambassador Karabaranga was accompanied by his spouse Viviane Uwicyeza Mironko and Minister Counselor Guillaume Kavaruganda.

The discussion between the President of Estonia and Ambassador Karabaranga focused on the bilateral relations specifically on the cooperation in Information Communication Technology. Estonia is an international leader on ICT.

President Toomas Hendrick Ilves emphasized the fact that Estonia invested in ICT while it was a less developed  country. This vision has helped Estonia to achieve the growth the country is enjoying now.

Ambassador Jean Pierre Karabaranga expressed the long path that Rwanda has undergone since the Genocide of the Tutsi in 1994, and indicates to the president of Estonia other areas where the two countries can work hand in hand such as in agriculture and energy.

Estonia has only one Embassy in the African continent which is based in Egypt. Estonia regains its independency in 1991 separating itself with the former URSS. It is now part of the European Union, NATO, OCDE, Euro zone, SCHENGHEN visa and is among the top fifteen richest countries worldwide in GDP.

Ambassador Karabaranga is the second Rwandan Ambassador to present his credentials in Estonia.

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