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Georgia and its European Challenges and Opportunities

Photography by Hasan S. Aloul.

The Hague Institute for Global Justice and the Embassy of Georgia organized a panel discussion last November on Georgia and its European ambitions on the occasion of the official visit to the Netherlands of the Chair of the Parliament of Georgia, His Excellency David Usupashvili.  The main theme: Challenges and Opportunities of Georgia’s Path towards Europe’s Institutions.  

The visit followed the invitation of his counterpart, the Speaker of the Dutch House of Representatives of the Netherlands, Her Excellency Anouchka van Miltenburg.

David Usupashvili was elected as a Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia on October 21, 2012. He was  the Chairman of the Republican Party of Georgia (2005-2013); he worked for an USAID Rule of Law program (1999-2005); he was an Executive Secretary for Anti-Corruption Working Group under President of Georgia (2000-01); he was the Chairman of the Georgian Young Lawyers Association (1994-97); he was the Senior Legal Adviser and Special Envoy of the President of Georgia to Parliament (1992-94); he served at the Central Election Commission of Georgia, as Member and Chief Legal Consultant (1990-94).

Conference started with Dr. Abiodun Williams, President of The Hague Institute, welcome remarks follow by a key note Presentation by H.E. David Usupashvili. Mr. Usupashvili, spoke out about the importance of the maintaining of EU monitoring group reporting constantly about the border situation with Russia to ensure stability and peace; as he stressed out this observatory group is the only technical support Georgia is receiving  from the EU and is a key issue in monitoring the actual situation. He also explain the firm decision of Georgia to keep normalizing relationship with Russia in a peaceful atmosphere as independent country who share a lot in common.

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