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Meet & Greet in a Taiwan ambiance


From Taipei Representative Office.

Taipei Representative Office in the Netherlands, for the first time, hosted the March edition of “Meet & Greet” on Thursday 12 March in the Carlton Ambassador Hotel. Taiwan’s premiere attracted about a hundred Ambassadors, Heads of International Organizations and other distinguished guests from diverse institutions and sectors, who were welcomed with a glass of Taiwanese award winning Kavalan whisky.

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H.E. Mr. James Lee, Taiwan’s Representative residing in The Hague, disclosed in his remarks the relatively unknown bilateral linkages between Taiwan and the Netherlands, which resulted in the development of a special partnership between the two countries with roots tracing back to 17th century. The Dutch presence of 37 years, together with Fort Zeelandia, Fort Provintia and the Red Hair Castle, left a deep imprint and legacy on the island. Taiwan became a trading and transshipment center for goods between Japan, China, Batavia (now Jakarta) and Holland and one of the most profitable branches of the Dutch East Indian Company VOC in Asia, accounting for 26% of the VOC’s world profit in 1649.

Today, Taiwan continues to advance its position as a regional economic center in Asia and is ranked the 3rd best destination for foreign investors, the 10th most innovative country, the 12th most competitive economy and the 18th largest trading nation in the world.

Currently, there are 34 flights a week conducted by China Airlines, EVA Air and KLM between Amsterdam and Taipei. National Geographic Traveler has listed Taiwan among the top 20 destinations for travelers in the world. For the 9.9 million foreigners visiting Taiwan last year, TAIWAN is synonymous to “They Are Incredibly Warm and Nice,” the Representative said in a closing remark.

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While enjoying some typical Taiwanese wine, the guests got a taste of Taiwan’s exquisite culture, nature and cuisine by an inspiring audiovisual presentation in an entertaining ambiance. Altogether, this splendid evening and encounter has inspired many to learn more about Taiwan and to experience the hospitality on the island.

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