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First “The Flavours of Malaysia”

The Malaysian Embassy to Belgium, Luxembourg and the EU hosted the first “Food Bazaar 2015” in Brussels on Saturday, 30 May 2015. 

Head of Missions, HE Ambassador Dato’ Nafisah binti Mohamed, expressed her joy in the fact that the bazaar themed “The Flavours of Malaysia”, showcased the true essence of each ethnic group from the Federation of Malaysia.


For a photo-album on this event, please click here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/121611753@N07/sets/72157655550990926


Malaysian food

10 stalls serving a wide variety of Malaysia’s culinary-style food cooked by Malaysians, made the fair in the vicinity of the Malaysian Embassy in Brussels. It was akin to tasters visiting Malaysia, without leaving Belgium. 

The bazaar was organised by the Malaysian Embassy in Belgium together with the Malaysian community through the Malaysian Association in Belgium and Luxembourg (MABL) as well as the Ladies Association of the Embassy of Malaysia (Perwakilan). The MABL’s liaison officer at the Malaysian embassy is Deputy Chief of Mission, Minister Zainal Izran Zahari

Dedicated to a taste of explosions from food representing the multicultural mix, the spread ranged from intricate roti jala and delicious popiah to the everpopular nasi lemak, satay, vindaloo biryani and Chinese noodles.



For more information:

Mission/Embassy of Malaysia to the EU, Belgium and Luxembourg: http://www.kln.gov.my/web/bel_brussels/home

Malaysian food: http://travel.cnn.com/malaysian-food-334106

Malaysian Association of Belgium and Luxembourg (MABL): http://www.mymabl.com/

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