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Constantinian Order joins effort to relieve during the pandemic


In the picture HM King Felipe VI of Spain & HRH don Pedro of Two Sicilies, Duke of Calabria – Picture by Constantinian Order of St George.

At the behest of His Majesty King Felipe VI of Spain, all the nobiliary corporations, military orders, the five royal masters, the international orders with activities in Spain, as well as other noble and chivalrous corporations, have joined together with a group of members of the titled nobility, to acquire 38. 604 litres of long-lasting milk, – which translates to more than 193,000 breakfasts –  as well as ca. 25,000 litres of the best quality extra virgin olive oil, in order to facilitate its distribution to needy families throughout Spain.

The delivery of these basic foodstuffs have been carried out in the Autonomous Communities of Castile-LeonCastile-La ManchaExtremadura and Andalusia, as requested by the Spanish Red Cross, for their subsequent distribution and delivery to families and people in vulnerable situations, thus contributing to the plan “Red Cross RESPONDS to Covid-19”, initiated when the state of alarm was decreed; thereby the organisation has already reached more than 2,100,000 people in need, fostered social inclusion, education and employment, and shall continue to intensify its activity until the end of the year.

This initiative also supports the Spanish countryside and its products, through different cooperatives in the countryside, such as COVAP, Dcoop and the Interprofesional de aceite de oliva de España.

It should be noted that since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, these nobiliary institutions have collaborated intensely, especially with Caritas and different soup kitchens, as well as with charitable organisations, to alleviate the suffering of many families. They have delivered protective material, medical equipment, medicines to hospitals, residences and didactic material (tablets) so that children from families without resources could follow their classes and do their homework.

The role of the Constantinian Order of St George 

The Constantinian Order has played a leading role in this venture of solidarity promoted by His Majesty the King of Spain. HRH Prince Pedro of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, The Duke of Calabria, as President of the Royal Council of Spanish Orders, has coordinated this solidarity initiative together with HE The Count Zamoyski, José Miguel Zamoyski de Borbón.

Moreover, The Duke of Calabria, in his capacity as Grand Master of the Constantinian Order, contributed with a donation from the Sacred Militia (and one further on a personal capacity). The participation of the Constantinian Order in this campaign is part of the determined effort it is making at the international level to alleviate the dramatic consequences of the Covid-19 crisis.

For further information: The full statement in the Spanish language by the Constantinian Order of St George: https://ordenconstantiniana.org/la-orden-constantiniana-se-suma-a-la-llamada-solidaria-s-m-el-rey-de-espana/?fbclid=IwAR1shbW-drc8JPkc_CXn1VOkSh6pnEANjwVqDewLU4Mh3ENkvz8ezIroTiw

Royal House of Two Sicilies: http://www.borbone-due-sicilie.org

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