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President Tokayev addressed the nation

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev President, Kazakhstan

On January 7, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev addressed Kazakhstani citizens on the situation in the country and spoke of the measures taken by the government. The main message of the statement is that Kazakhstan is interested in preserving the democratic developments and positive changes that have been achieved throughout the years of independence.

Respect for human rights, social stability and security are at stake. Protecting
them is our biggest mission now.

Therefore, the government is taking decisive actions against terrorists and
radical groups with all available lawful measures, including, where necessary,
the deployment of Kazakhstan’s army and the national guard.

Kazakhstan will continue to ensure safety and protection of the foreign
diplomatic missions as well as personnel and properties of foreign companies
and investors.

The anti-terrorist operation continues in Kazakhstan. The police, the national
guard and the army are carrying out large-scale and well-coordinated efforts to
restore law and order in accordance with the Constitution.

However, terrorists continue to cause damage to public and private property, and use
weapons against citizens. We have had to deal with armed and trained bandits,
both local and foreign. Almost 20 thousand bandits attacked Almaty.

Their actions showed a clear plan of attacks on military, administrative and
social facilities in almost all areas, coordination of actions, high combat
readiness and brutal cruelty. The President has given orders to law enforcement agencies and the army to, where necessary, open fire without warning to eliminate armed terrorist bandits.

Peacekeeping troops comprising of multinational forces of CSTO member
states were deployed and will remain for the short period of time until the
stabilization of the situation in Kazakhstan.

Democracy does not mean permissiveness nor, moreover, incitement,
including in the blogosphere, to illegal actions. In his speech on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Independence, President Tokayev said that law and order are the main guarantee of our country’s wellbeing. As the tragedy of Almaty and other cities of Kazakhstan has shown, it is precisely “non-compliance with laws, permissiveness, and anarchy that lead to human rights violations”, the President highlighted.

In Almaty, administrative buildings, but also the personal property of local residents,
were damaged by terrorist bandits. Not to mention the health and lives of hundreds
of civilians and military personnel.

The law on peaceful assemblies of citizens was adopted at the suggestion
of President Tokayev in May 2020. This law is a big step forward in promoting democracy in our country, because it provides for the notification of meetings and gatherings, including in the central districts of all cities of the country.

The President promised to the citizens that bandits and terrorists will be held
to the strictest criminal responsibility.

The President thanked the people of Kazakhstan who showed civic
responsibility and those who defended peace and public order in the country

The Government will need to make specific decisions. In this regard the
Head of State noted that on January 11, the Mazhilis of the Parliament will announce
specific decisions, including those of a socio-economic nature aimed at preventing
such tragedies in the future.

“All the demands expressed in peaceful terms were heard. As a result of
the dialogue, a compromise was reached, and solutions to acute socio-economic
problems have been formed”, the President highlighted.

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