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Kuwait Celebrates National and Liberation Day in The Hague: A Commemoration of Friendship and Progress

H.E. Mr. Ali Ahmad Ebraheem S Aldafiri, Ambassador of Kuwait.

In a splendid display of elegance and fellowship, the Embassy of Kuwait in The Hague recently hosted a memorable celebration marking the anniversaries of the National Day and Liberation Day of Kuwait. The event, attended by diplomats, business associates, Dutch officials, friends of Kuwait, and esteemed guests, of over 300 attendees, was a tribute to the lasting connection between Kuwait and the Netherlands.

Kuwait National and Liberation Day 2024

The National Day of Kuwait commemorates the 63rd anniversary since Kuwait gained its independence in 1961, the Liberation Day reflects upon 33 years since Kuwait was liberated following an unlawful and brutal invasion in 1991, with the support of the Netherlands as a member of the International coalition that liberated Kuwait, following the adoption of U.N. Security Council resolution 678.

This resolution gave the international coalition the authority to use all means necessary, to restore Kuwait’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. These milestones are significant not only in Kuwait’s history but also in its journey towards progress and prosperity.

The King of the Netherlands and the Emir of Kuwait.

Reflecting on Kuwait’s journey since its independence, it is remarkable to see how this small yet dynamic nation has emerged as a leader in various fields. With a population exceeding 4.5 million, Kuwait boasts a diverse economy driven by industries such as petroleum, petrochemicals, construction, finance, and tourism. Moreover, Kuwait’s commitment to renewable energy and sustainable development underscores its vision for a brighter future.

Central to the event was Ambassador Aldafiri’s address, where he highlighted the special milestone of 60 years of diplomatic relations between Kuwait and the Netherlands. Emphasizing mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation, he underscored the shared values that have strengthened bilateral ties over the decades. He also expressed optimism about the potential for further collaboration in areas such as energy, technology, education, and trade.

Kuwait Petroleum International

Ambassador Al-Dafiri underscored the robust economic and investment connections between the respective nations. Notably, the significant presence of Kuwait Petroleum International (Q8), a subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC)—one of the world’s largest corporations—operating extensively in the Netherlands under the brand name “Tango”, exemplifies the enduring and formidable partnership shared between the two countries.

To mark the occasion, the embassy unveiled a symbolic logo celebrating six decades of diplomatic relations between Kuwait and the Netherlands. The logo, adorned with symbols representing technological advancements and cultural heritage, served as an affirmation of the enduring friendship between the two nations.  “2024 marks a special milestone for both Kuwait and The Netherlands as we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between both countries. In this context, it gives me great pleasure to showcase the logo, created specifically for this special occasion in collaboration with the Dutch Embassy in Kuwait and the kind support of Kuwait Petroleum International and we look forward to many events and activities that will take place throughout this year in Kuwait and the Netherlands to celebrate this special milestone.” Expressed Ambassador Aldafiri.

Kuwait National and Liberation Day 2024. Marriot Hotel The Hague.

The event also featured a presentation highlighting Kuwait’s advancements in the petroleum industry, showcasing its leadership in the international market. Guests were treated to a lavish buffet featuring Kuwaiti delicacies, fostering an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality.

H.E. Mr. Frans Potuyt, former Ambassador of the Netherlands to Kuwait.

His Excellency Mr. Frans Potuyt, former Ambassador of the Netherlands to Kuwait, extended his congratulations to Kuwait, praising its commitment to freedom, tolerance, and peace in the region. He expressed gratitude for the strong bilateral relations between the two countries, underlining the importance of wise leadership in fostering mutual understanding and cooperation.

The celebration of Kuwait’s National and Liberation Day in The Hague serves as a testimony to the enduring friendship and mutual respect between Kuwait and the Netherlands. As both nations look towards the future, the event reaffirmed their commitment to strengthening ties and fostering prosperity for generations to come. Diplomat Magazine extends its sincere congratulations to the State of Kuwait on this joyous occasion.

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