Friday, December 2, 2022

Mauritius’ Ambassador Christelle Sohun accredited to the Republic of Poland

The Polish Head of State, President Andrzej Duda received for a presentation of letters of credence the Ambassador of the Republic of Mauritius Christelle Sohun. 

 Malvinas 40 years  

Presentation of the Commemorative Medal for Malvinas veterans in connection with the  "Malvinas 40 Years Agenda". With an intimate and solemn ceremony in the Malvinas...

Repatriation and Departure Service 15th Anniversary

The Repatriation and Departure Service -DT&V- commemorated its 15th anniversary with a symposium at the Louwman Museum The Hague. 

Saudi Arabia 92nd National Day

On the occasion of the 92nd National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ambassador Ziad M.D. Al-Atiyah commemorated the 150th anniversary of Saudi-Dutch relations since the establishment of the first Dutch consulate in Jeddah in 1872.

Namibia’s Ambassador Andjaba accredited in Warsaw

Polish President Andrzej Duda received the letters of credence of Namibia's non-resident top envoy, Ambassador Martin Andjaba during a ceremony held at Belweder Palace, south of Warsaw's city centre. 

DR’s Francisco Caraballo presented credentials in Poland

The Polish Head of State, President Andrzej Duda, received the letters of credence of the Dominican Republic's non-resident Ambassador Francisco Caraballo Núñez

Algeria’ 68th Anniversary of the outbreak of the Glorious Liberation Revolution

the Ambassador of Algeria in the Netherlands, H.E. Ms. Salima Abdelhak, hosted a reception to celebrate Algeria’s 68th Anniversary of the outbreak of the Glorious Liberation Revolution in 1954.

Transport and Logistical Potential of Uzbekistan Railway Corridor

The Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan hosted a networking event revolving around the Transport and Logistical Potential of the Uzbekistan Railway corridor.

Ambassador Jorge Skinner-Klee Arenales Completed His Stint in the Netherlands

The Diplomatic in The Hague bids farewell to H.E. Ambassador Jorge Skinner-Klee Arenales of Guatemala.

A New Hub for Greek Books in The Hague  

By Audrey Nguyen One year after an interview with Diplomat Magazine, Stanza Bookshop opens a new Greek section in collaboration with the Embassy of...

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