Friday, January 27, 2023
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Registrar Abubacarr M. Tambadou opens the second semester of the Mechanism’s Inter-University Video Lecture Programme

Registrar of the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals, Abubacarr M. Tambadou, today opened the second semester of the fourth cycle of the Inter-University Video Lecture Programme, “International Law and Facts Established before the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY)”.

The 100 Most Influential People of African Descent Awarded on the Sidelines of UN General Assembly

Most Influential People of African Descent, a global civil society in support of the United Nations International Decade for People of African Descent, hosted its annual event. Geovanny Vicente-Romero, writer, CNN en Español columnist, strategist and professor at Columbia University was recognized as one of the 100 Most Influential People of African Descent.

Şuşa, more than a city

Azerbaijan´s armed forces liberated the city of Şuşa after more than twenty-eight years of foreign occupation.

From Red to North Sea: COP27 debriefing for professionals in The Hague

COP27 brought together 112 heads of state, over 46.000 delegates including ministers, scientists, policy-makers, activists and youth. This is the largest annual gathering on climate action. It takes place at a time when climate change is already impacting communities around the globe, and climate action is more urgent than ever.

National Museum of Antiquities of the Netherlands purchases world-class collection of cameos

The National Museum of Antiquities of the Netherlands (Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, RMO) has purchased a unique collection of cameos.

Lana Celeste a Catar

Through the initiative "Lana Celeste a Catar", the country dressed the players of the Uruguayan Soccer Team with national Merino wool suits of the highest quality.

A New Hub for Greek Books in The Hague  

By Audrey Nguyen One year after an interview with Diplomat Magazine, Stanza Bookshop opens a new Greek section in collaboration with the Embassy of...

Museum Panorama Mesdag presents a major retrospective of artist Suze Robertson’s work

Suze Robertson was and is considered one of the great artists of her time and a radical innovator now, Panorama Mesdag present a mayor retrospective of her work.

First Diplomatic Reception at Haagse Veteranen Sociëteit

A diplomatic Reception during the Veterans Day in The Hague attended by ambassadors, diplomats, military attache.

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