Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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Chemical Industry of Uzbekistan Potential of the chemical industry

The chemical industry of Uzbekistan plays an important role in diversifying exports and attracting companies who have left the Russian market.

A Glimpse at History’s Most Expensive Qur’an

The History’s of the Most Expensive Qur’an sold by Christies's Auction House.

Leonardo Royal Hotel and Diplomat Magazine, ten years of great collaboration

Leonardo Royal Hotel and Diplomat Magazine after ten years of collaboration a renewal of a partnership.

Periodic application for Certificate of Conduct: a tool for employers

Jan Dop explore the validity of a Certificate of Conduct for an employer and how to apply it affectively.

Recommendation to Dutch Supreme Court: Return Crimean treasures to Ukraine

The Dutch Supreme Court recommended the return of Crimean treasures to Ukraine after nine years of disputes.

Can AI & Blockchain enable banking services for the masses in the Global South?

AI and Blockchain technologies could facilitate a less biased approached within the financial industry; as data shows that in many developed economies access to banks are a particular struggle for ethnic, or racial minorities, or those belonging to groups that have historically faced societal discrimination.

When life throws rocks at you, build a castle … an Indonesian diplomatic story

Lona Hutapea Tanasale is a warm, smart and accomplished Indonesian woman, who mastered the art of reinvention and understood from the very beginning the need of continuous education, while traveling the world with her diplomat husband.

Non-ferrous metallurgy in the prospects of development

In recent years, the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan has been paying increased attention to the extraction, processing of non-ferrous metals and the production of high-value-added products from them.

The Ocean Cleanup Returns To Guatemala – Second Attempt 

The Ocean Cleanup Returns To Guatemala - Second Attempt to clean Rio Las Vacas in Guatemala.

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