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A survey from Swiss Institute of Cultural Diplomacy

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Swiss Institute of Cultural Diplomacy (SICD)established by Dr. Oleg Manuyta PhD., (SICD) is a research and educational philanthropic NGO based in Switzerland (Geneva).

Since 2018 we have been studying the connection between cultural differences and professional success, building communities and spreading innovative knowledge. The approach which inspired us was tested by the variety of Fortune top 1000 companies, diplomatic missions and international organizations (including IBM, FIFA, UN, etc).

COVID – 19 has changed professional life forever by moving business online. Most widely used professional web services and products were developed by the USA based companies. As of January 2020, English was the most popular language online, representing 25.9 percent of worldwide internet users.

Swiss Institute of Cultural Diplomacy has launched a global survey based on the selection of modern cross-cultural theories advised by our scientific board.

The aim is to study how the professional environment changed for international cultural diplomats and executives worldwide. Our advising partner is the Diplomatic Society of St. Gabriel, the largest fraternity of diplomats, consular officials and other international relations professionals, Swiss and international businesses and NGOs.

Please, follow the links to share with us how COVID – 19 has changed professional life.

For people involved in Cultural Diplomacy:
For people involved in Executive and Business activities:

Disclaimer: the Survey is designed for cultural diplomats in the broadest sense of the word as described here:,order%20to%20foster%20mutual%20understanding%22. If you are an officially accredited member of a diplomatic mission, you may participate in case the Ministry of Foreign Affairs allows you to it. Swiss Institute of Cultural Diplomacy will not use the results of  the Survey for lucrative purposes but for scientific and educational purposes only. 
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