Thursday, October 6, 2022
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Alexandra Paucescu

Diplomacy in times of peace and war

Ukrainian Svitlana Melnyk said: Germany has been playing an important role as a mediator in the Normandy format. There were about 20 presidential visits to Berlin and hundreds ministerial visits and high political events...

Meet Brigid and her diplomatic baggage

the writer of Diplomatic Baggage - Brigid Keenan was born in India from Irish parents. Her father was an officer in the British Army, so she spent her first 9 years of life among the spices and strong colors of India.

From the Tuscan hills to the world

Francesca Andreini is an Italian diplomatic spouse and a writer, she has managed to define her role into the diplomatic world and find her own path, while accompanying her husband.

Sa Wat Dee*, diplomatic life!

Nataya Archjananun is originally from Thailand and she never forgets to tell how proud she is of her country.

La Vita Diplomatica

By Alexandra Paucescu An old saying goes :’you have the life that you make for yourself’. Milena Padula, a beautiful Italian born in Naples, certainly knows...

Preserving the cultural heritage with diplomacy

By Alexandra Paucescu What happens when a historian starts travelling the world with her diplomat husband? It’s simple, she tries to find ways to use her...

Nomads of the world

By Alexandra Paucescu Diplomats all over the world embrace, together with their families, a nomadic lifestyle which is neither easy nor comfortable for most. The...

The girl with the beaded eyes

By Alexandra Paucescu I first met her on a little terrace, near the Vatican doors, in Rome, in a lovely summer day. I still remember...

The Art of Lockdown

By Alexandra Paucescu The last two years brought a new reality to most of us, no matter which part of the world we live in....

Let the New Year come!

By Alexandra Paucescu Every New Year comes with high hopes for the better, with promises that things will maybe improve and with solemn resolutions to...

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