Friday, September 29, 2023
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Alexandra Paucescu

From Moldova to the world

By Alexandra Paucescu I never met her in real life but I feel like I’ve known her for ages. Our online conversations were always nice...

The future belongs to those who prepare for it today

By Alexandra Paucescu As diplomats, we learn to build intercultural bridges, we form alliances and we get to master to perfection the art of conversation....

When life throws rocks at you, build a castle … an Indonesian diplomatic story

Lona Hutapea Tanasale is a warm, smart and accomplished Indonesian woman, who mastered the art of reinvention and understood from the very beginning the need of continuous education, while traveling the world with her diplomat husband.

Egypt, the land of the pharaohs

By Alexandra Paucescu As diplomats, we are always the image of our own countries while abroad. Sometimes we meet people that never heard of our...

The Diplomatic Grower

Dr. Yazid Manap, a diplomatic spouse, a Mechanical Engineer and a Food Technologist by qualification and a Researcher/Academician by profession said that the full and constant family support is critical to any successful diplomatic career.

Keep calm and carry on!

By Alexandra Paucescu From our first encounter, at a long walk in Tiergarten, Berlin’s popular park, Olivia seemed to me the kind of woman who...

The Chakra Piano Lessons

Elaine Engelbrecht said: When you are into the diplomatic world, you certainly need to get strong. As a nomad by heart, I’m always excited about the next adventure at the horizon

A Leap into the Light

She is the kind of woman who enjoys life and embraces all the opportunities that it presents. Merry and kind, she spreads good vibes wherever she goes. Every day is to be lived to the fullest. Staying active is her way of life, and I am not joking about it… our first meeting started with a walk of almost 10 km through the forest, after which she still seemed quite fresh... me, not so much... I discovered Paola Fornari

Diplomacy in times of peace and war

Ukrainian Svitlana Melnyk said: Germany has been playing an important role as a mediator in the Normandy format. There were about 20 presidential visits to Berlin and hundreds ministerial visits and high political events...

Meet Brigid and her diplomatic baggage

the writer of Diplomatic Baggage - Brigid Keenan was born in India from Irish parents. Her father was an officer in the British Army, so she spent her first 9 years of life among the spices and strong colors of India.

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