Friday, April 19, 2024
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Ambassador Lucian Fătu

National Day Celebration of The Republic of Romania 2022

On this National Day, Romanians think back to the day, December 1st 1918, when our modern state was created thru the will of the people. Russia’s illegal, unjustified and unprovoked aggression against neighboring Ukraine came as a blow to some of us, as the inexorable end of a fuse to a bomb others were aware of, and as a rallying cry to all of us.  Romania responded firmly and multi-dimensionally in support of Ukraine and its citizens, including thru politico-diplomatic, economic, financial, humanitarian and sectoral efforts.

Romania makes first voluntary contribution to the Trust Fund for Victims

The Government of Romania made its first ever voluntary contribution of €20,000 through the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Agency for International Development Cooperation.

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