Monday, February 6, 2023
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Arab Spring

United Arab Emirates Continues its Policy of Modernizing Intelligence Services

UAE is Modernizing Intelligence Services developing predominantlly their technical segments such as Signal Intelligence and more recently Artificial Intelligence (AI).

An humanitarian intervention to crisis

Is the protection of the state more essential than the safety of its citizens? A reflection of the notion of national sovereignty and the goal of humanitarian intervention.

China’s Modern Middle East Strategy

Strengthening Partnerships with Iran and Syria By Dr Mohamad Zreik The Middle East strategy of China is gradually progressing. Recently, an official agreement between the governments...

Yemen: Seeking to restore peace and security

In September, Yemeni Foreign Minister H.E. Dr. Ahmad Awad bin Mubarak visited the Netherlands as part of a European tour aimed at relaunching diplomatic...

Vienna Process: Reinvigorating the Spirit of Helsinki for Mediterranean

On the historic date of March 08th – International Women’s Day, a large number of international affairs specialists gathered for the second consecutive summit...

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