Monday, July 15, 2024
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Arts Society The Hague

The Arts Society The Hague Presents: ‘Troy: Myth, History & Archaeology’ by Steve Kershaw

‘Troy: Myth, History and Archaeology’ on Tuesday 14th February 2023 at 20.00 hours.

Textiles, dress and embroidery: universal languages with many dialects

The Textile Research Centre (TRC) in Leiden studies the skills of textile and garment production, and what people want to express when wearing their clothes, namely the language of dress. It is a knowledge centre that is actively involved in the preservation, interpretation and future of this specific, but universal part of cultural heritage.

Art and Culture in Pakistan

What an exceptional and exclusive opportunity it was for about thirty members and guests of the Arts Society The Hague to be invited to Pakistan House  on Friday 14 October! The Special Event was organized by the Embassy of Pakistan in cooperation with the AS The Hague, on the subject of contemporary trends in art and culture in Pakistan.

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