Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Clima change

The Latin American Film Festival in Delft Second Edition: A Celebration of Culture

The Latin American Film Festival at Filmhuis Lumen in Delft has once again graced the city with its cinematic brilliance, marking its second edition...

Statement of President Zhaparov on Kyrgyzstan’s green transition

President Zhaparov talk about Kyrgyzstan's green transition

Scoring a Goal for Latin America and the Caribbean in Plastic Pollution Talks

By Claudia S. de Windt and Romain Collet. Not just the world cup is in play this week. In Punta del Este, Uruguay diplomats and...

From Red to North Sea: COP27 debriefing for professionals in The Hague

COP27 brought together 112 heads of state, over 46.000 delegates including ministers, scientists, policy-makers, activists and youth. This is the largest annual gathering on climate action. It takes place at a time when climate change is already impacting communities around the globe, and climate action is more urgent than ever.

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