Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Drents Museum

Armenia National Day and the relic from Noah’s Ark at the Drents Museum

memorable commemoration of the 31st Anniversary of Armenia's independence day organized by H.E. Tigran Balayan, who chose Drenthe to bring over 40 colleagues ambassadors, representatives of international organizations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and journalists to an outstanding day out to Drenthe.

Lahore’s Frida – Portrait of Two Artists: Frida Kahlo & Amrita Shergil

As I moved in Drents through a joyous and colorful exhibition celebrating Frida’s life and works she became real and there she reminded me of Amrita Shergil – the pre-independence bohemian artist who spent her last months in Lahore, the city which opened doors to Amrita when rest of the sub-continent seemed not to be working in her favor.

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