Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Matthias E. Leitner

Global south engagement for peace in Ukraine

Russia and Ukraine are preparing for a spring offensive with higher levels of military involvement. Prospects for peace talks between the conflict parties are remote after two initiatives from Türkiye in spring 2022. China mediation 12 peace points.

Stabilization and digital dialogue for Myanmar – stepping back from the brink of civil war

By Matthias E. Leitner  Five months into the military coup of 1 February, Myanmar is on an increasingly fragile trajectory with clear signs of conflict...

Armed Conflict in Northern Mozambique and Geopolitics of Gas

By Matthias E. Leitner  Cabo Delgado, once heartland of the Mozambican national liberation struggle, is turning into an epicenter of conflict and instability, which threatens...

Of the North Stream 2 and Trans-Atlantic Esteem, too

On the historic date of March 08th – International Women’s Day, a large number of international affairs specialists gathered for the second consecutive summit...

Military coup in Myanmar – responses in geopolitical context

By Matthias E. Leitner. The recent military coup in Myanmar has baffled many observers as unresolved tension from the country’s long military rule have resurfaced...

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