Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Daphina Misiedjan begins prestigious Young Academy appointment

"It’s very special to realize that my research really means something to people” Daphina Misiedjan has been elected a member of the Young Academy of...

Philippine-Netherlands relations @70

The Business of Maintaining Effective Cooperation By H.E. Mr. Jose Eduardo Malaya, Ambassador of the Philippines In a world where relationships are increasingly seen as cursory...

Vietnam Value ​​– A quality commitment to the world market

By Mr. Pham Viet Anh, Ambassador of Viet Nam In the world, many countries have built their famous brands of companies and products/services that have...

Uzbekistan has been awarded the EU’s General System of Preferences Plus (“GSP+”)

By Roy Lie Atjam. On the 9th April 2021 in Brussels, the Republic of Uzbekistan has been awarded the status of a beneficiary country of...

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