Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Xi Jinping

The 15th BRICS Summit – A New Step Towards a Multipolar World?

By Corneliu Pivariu The leaders of BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) first met in St. Petersburg, Russia, during the G8 Summit in July 2006....

Better China, Better World

Understanding China Better through the 20th CPC National Congress By H.E. Mr. Tan Jian, Ambassador of China to the Kingdom of the Netherlands As the...

Russia’s nuclear sabre-rattling 

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered on September 21, 2022, the first military mobilization in the country since World War II.

What to watch for at SCO Head of States summit in Samarkand

14 heads of state who jointly represented half of the world’s population gathered in Samarkand. The Samarkand Summit has already been called historical as its decisions and outcomes became the game-changer for the whole Eurasian continent.

China issues white paper on Taiwan’s “separatists”

After several days of Chinese military maneuvers around Taiwan, the People's Republic of China through its embassy in The Hague has circulated a new white paper making clear its policy on Taiwan and defining how Beijing plans to take over the island through economic incentives and military pressure.

European cooperation in between War and Pandemic Restrictions

By Audrey Beaulieu. The last few months have roughly hit the world and especially the European continent. As countries are encouraged to close their...

All for Global Citizens: President Fischer on 75 years of triumph of antifascism

In the picture President Dr. Heinz Fisher with his co-chair, Ban Ki-moon. Early summer days of 2020 in Vienna sow marking the anniversary of Nuremberg...

The similarity between nitrogen and the coronavirus

By Barend ter Haar. On 30 December 2019, Dr Li Wenliang warned his medical friends of a dangerous outbreak of coronavirus infections. This warning was shared...

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