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PC Refresh – The cost-effective and sustainable alternative to buying new computers

The current economic climate calls for an innovative approach to save on costs in a sustainable way. The Hague-based company PC Refresh employs a smart way to extend the lifespan of computers; it has specialized in refreshing, or reinstalling, PC’s and laptops to return them to brand-new condition.

The approach is not new, but is often seen as a hassle and is therefore mostly avoided by computer users and specialists. If done right, however, it is the most thorough way to clean up a computer, removing all traces of viruses, unwanted software and other left-overs that slow down or destabilize a computer, without losing important data.

PC Refresh works for both consumers and businesses in The Hague area. Ben van den Dungen is a Dutch Jazz musician and managing director of the Jazz & World music Agency. For him, the benefits are clear: “We have an office with six computers, and were about to replace them with new equipment. That’s until we heard about PC Refresh. Reinstalling our PC’s turned out to be a great alternative. We saved thousands of euros and will be able to use our current infrastructure for a few more years. In the current economic situation, that’s the only way to keep up-to-date with our IT.”

In just over a year, PC Refresh has already ‘refreshed’ over 300 PC’s and laptops in The Hague, thereby optimizing the process for speed and cost effectiveness. Reinstallation usually takes 24 to 48 hours, with costs varying between 100 and 200 euros, considerably less than a new PC. On top of a reinstallation, older PC’s can be made faster even by adding system memory and a faster hard drive, in which case the computer speed can match or even exceed that of a new PC.

Together with a network of partners, PC Refresh also offers additional services like hardware repairs, network management, backup services and tailor-made computer lessons and workshops.

PC Refresh was founded by Sander Vayez Maatman Msc., who has a 15+ year track record in IT and business development, mostly as an entrepreneur, but also with a telecom operator and a research institute.

If you are in need of computer services, repairs or advice, you can contact PC Refresh on +316 330 36 596 or at

The website (in Dutch) is available at

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