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Learning the art of violin maker in Den Haag

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31 May 2013, The Hague — Violinmaker Dmitry Badiarov will open an art-gallery and violin
atelier on Noordeinde – The Hagueʼs most popular high-street famous for its royal Noordeinde
Palace, art galleries and all-things-refined. The opening of Badiarov Violins galleryatelier
will take place on the 1st of June at 17:00. It is expected to attract the art and music
community of the city.


The gallery will be dedicated to the contemporary art of violinmaking
and the art inspired by music. It will also host permanent exhibition of instruments
created by Dmitry Badiarov as well as violin-making school for beginners and professionals.
The founder believes in the cultural value of violin-making and its profound connections
with European art and music traditions.

It will be the place where art, music and violins are
an inseparable whole. Apart from violins by the founder, it will promote the work of other
violin-makers as well as art inspired by music. The first temporary exhibition will feature
fine instruments by Russian-Italian violin-maker Vladimir Cubantsev from Cremona (Vladimiro
Cubanzi). There will also be a selection of paintings by a reknown Polish artist Helena
Olewicz. The two artists enjoy international careers, presenting their works in a number
of international shows.

Badiarov Violins Ltd.
Dmitry Badiarov – director,
Noordeinde 117,
2514GE The Hague,
The Netherlands.

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