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Obama’s Victory, a Dutch perspective

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By Mitesh D. Mistry.

On what has been the most expensive and closest U.S election to date, President Obama emerged victorious and sealed another four years in the White House as the leader of the world’s most powerful country. Although his victory wasn’t big or as flamboyant as many would have liked, and that the campaign didn’t even come close to the spectacle that inspired a new generation of voters like his 2008 election campaign, this presidential win is as important as the last one. In these difficult times, it is even, arguably, a greater political achievement. President Obama’s win is good for America and indeed the rest of the world.
After inheriting a deteriorating nation from the Republicans in 2008, many would have thought the task of rebuilding the United States was impossible. However if we look at America now compared to four years ago, it can be safely said that Barack Obama is the best thing to happen to America. The nation is in much better shape than it looked four years ago and looks ready to tackle the challenges it faces in the next your years.
During the four years Obama has been president, he has had to deal with a declining economy due to the burst of the great American housing bubble, increasing unemployment, the automotive industry crisis and the global recession. The automotive industry crisis particularly had a detrimental effect on the US economy as it led to job losses and needed a significant bailout from the government. However to the delight of Americans nationwide, the economy is now looking increasingly encouraging. The automotive industry is beginning a new chapter with the help of a stimulus package designed to encourage growth, increase production and give consumers a better deal. The housing market has started to pick up, unemployment is decreasing and the economy is starting to rebuild itself.
In terms of foreign affairs under the Obama administration, more has been done towards the fight against terrorism. The assassination of Osama Bin Laden highlighted the determination President Obama had to weakening terrorist organisations and protecting the American people. His aim to withdraw troops from Afghanistan within the next two years shows how much he is ready to move on and bring prosperity not only to Americans but also to other parts of the world.
In the end, Obama beat the odds and unlike his European counterparts; Gordon Brown, Nicolas Sarkozy and Silvio Berlusconi – who all paid the price, became the first western incumbent to retain office whilst a financial crisis still threatens a vulnerable world economy.
With the sweet words of Stevie Wonder still ringing in his ear, President Obama looked fearless and in front of the Chicago crowd, he remained hopeful that with another four years he can get his beloved nation back on the road to prosperity and global dominance.

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