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Cycling Diplomacy

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By Roy Lie A Tjam

On Tuesday 20 August a small group of Ambassadors accredited in The Hague went on a cycling tour in the vicinity of the Binnenhof, the seat of Parliament.

Cycling is a good way to integrate into Dutch society it is a great pleasure, says

Dr Alvaro Marcelo Moerzinger Pagani, Ambassador for the Oriental Republic of Uruguay to the Netherlands. “You will find bikes and motorcycles sharing the same lane, very unique.”

Moezinger regularly uses his bike to get to the Embassy on Mauritskade Den Haag.

Eduardo Ibarrola -Nicolin, Ambassador for the Federal Republic of Mexico uses his bike almost daily. He too sees the many benefits of cycling. He recounts “one day he was manoeuvred in a daring situation, being chased by an ambulance with wailing sirens”

How relieved he was when he managed to make it to the pavement and clear the way for the ambulance. to proceed.

The Ambassador for Israel, coordinator of the Cycling Diplomacy, relates “the environment in the Netherlands in general and The Hague is particular is conducive for cycling. The Netherlands invests in maintaining cycling paths and the promotion of the use of bikes Cycling unites, you interact with people you actually don’t know, and it also gives you peace of mind”.

“I was elated when I learned of my posting to The Hague, My family and I were once here on a five day biking excursion. It was such a wonderful adventure, I had wanted to come back for a longer period to do some more biking. Here I am, Ambassador for Israel to the Netherlands. I am making strives to appreciate my rides to the full”.

The Hague is an ideal place for biking, “lushly green cycling paths. The Hague is maybe Europe’s greenest city. I was once cycling and suddenly my phone rang, I picked it up and ask the caller to bear with me until I safely get off my bike. It was a Dutch MP, he was amazed to hear\know that an Ambassador was cycling in The Hague. Israel could learn from Holland, we are not that far as yet when it comes to the using of bikes”

“I have come to learn the dos and don’ts of cycling in the city. The tram rails are phenomena to reckon with. My wife was once launched and ended up with a fractured rib. I truly enjoyed today’ ride, it was good to be with my confreres Ambassadors and others. I highly recommend biking to my fellow ambassadors and diplomats to take up biking during their tenure in The   Hague”.

On the pictures: Ambassadors of Uruguay, Mexico, Israel, Mr. Daniel Poot from ABN-AMRO, Notary Robert Buurke, a distinguished judge from the Municipality of  The Hague, Jhr Mr. Alexander W. Beelaerts van Blokland and diplomats.

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