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By Miriam Barroeta, Junior Associate Editor, Amsterdam. Organic chocolate from Latin America proclaimed world´s best . Chocolate manufacturers in the world were awarded in Amsterdam on October 23, 2013 in the case of “Chocolate Origin” at the Royal Tropical Institute. Amsterdam, the city with the largest port of cocoa in the world, spent all day for a gourmet chocolate tasting fourteen manufacturers and experts with International Awards.

Santiago Peralta, the family-owned chocolate maker from Ecuador, Pacari Chocolate, was recognized as the best maker of fine chocolate in the world at the 2013 International Chocolate Awards in London, winning six gold and silver medals in multiple categories, including Best Chocolate Maker.  “These awards represent a triumph for our country” said Santiago Peralta, founder of Pacari Chocolate. “This is an opportunity of Ecuador to become known not only for the quality of the cacao we produce, but also for the delicious fine chocolate we make and are now exporting woldwide” Santiago Peralta highlights “Pacari is an interesting chocolate is a journey, it’s a ride, and it’s an experience”. The awards were made by an international panel of independent chocolate experts after a rigorous blind tasting. While Pacari won the most honors, producers from countries such as Denmark, France, Germany, the United States, Italy and Belgium, among the others, also took home honors in distinct categories.

 Earlier in the year Peralta, 42, took one of the industry´s top honors when The Fine Chocolate Industry Association named him “Outstanding Chocolate Makers for 2013”, the first time this biannual honor has been given to a chocolate maker from Latin America.


 Peralta and Pacari have revolutionized the industry by creating a transparent model of tree-to-bar manufacturing based on innovation, ecological and social resposability, and direct trade with certified organic farms throughout Ecuador. Pacari is a leader of the raw chocolate movement and the only chocolate company in the world working with biodynamic cacao.

 Peralta takes pride in the process of making his all-organic chocolates as well as identifying and working directly with small, local cacao growers. Paying higher prices for quality certified organic cacao, Pacari´s success benefits 3000 farming families. “We are intimately connected to small cacao farmers and we work with them in many important ways, innovating and helping raise the quality of cacao and chocolate in Ecuador”, said Peralta. “I see this award as a validation of Pacari´s collaborative work with the small farmers of my country”.
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